Thursday, January 22, 2015

No-Sew Baby Leggings Tutorial

As soon as I settled on the fact that I was doing cloth diapers, I subsequently knew leggings would be a big part of our lives as well! 

Why? Well, look, if I’m going going to pay $15 for something for my kid to poop in, I’ll be damned if I’m covering it with pants. Furthermore, with the challenge of my child’s Clubfoot Treatment, leggings became an even bigger MUST! 

However, those suckers can definitely add up the pennies. I managed to get a decent handful from a co-op but otherwise they are pretty pricy brand-new.

I’ve seen many tutorials for making your own, but they all require a skill I don’t possess - sewing! 

I knew I would be able to figure out another way, and now I’m happy to share that way here.

I used to be a badass derby girl (ok lets be real - I played for barely 4 months..). Between that and my fashionably questionable adolescence, I had an abundance of knee highs in every color and pattern.

So here's what I did.

No-Sew Baby Leggings from Repurposed Knee-Highs

Supplies needed:

Knee High socks
Liquid stitch
Elastic trim
20oz soda or water bottle

So here is the easy-peasy no sew, knee high into leggings tutorial:

1. Cut the heel off of an adult’s knee high sock. Some patterns (like stripes) make this easier to ensure it's straight across.

2. Pull sock onto the skinnier part of the bottle. Make sure you are not over stretching the sock.

3. Apply liquid stitch to the edge of the sock.  Cut the correct length of trim and apply to the sock with the liquid stitch. Hold tightly in place for 30 seconds.

Allow 24hrs to set before washing.

That’s it!

I’ll be honest, there are also many times that in a hurry, I cut the socks and didn’t add trim. I just placed the jagged edge to the top of her leg and you can’t even notice!

Note: So it took me a few tries to get the technique right. I was confused by the logic of the elastic and how to ensure it still had stretch to it when I applied the trim.  At first I was pulling the sock over the middle part of the soda bottle, which was leaving no give to the elastic when I removed it.

Eventually I realized that pulling it to the small part of a bottle worked (a mountain dew bottle is best!). It held it on tight, but allowed the elastic to go on relaxed.

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