Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Caboosee Onesies

Any parent has probably had that awkward moment of sniffing their baby’s bottom to check their diaper. Or even worse, getting a surprise on their finger after pulling open the side of a diaper to check if it’s dirty. Caboosee is the solution for these situations!

Caboosee is a patent pending onesie with a slit on the back with a snap that lets you check a baby’s diaper by looking down in the diaper from the top. Best of all you don’t have to undress your baby every time to see if they have a dirty diaper or just gas!

Emily Blomberg created the Caboosee in 2011 after having 2 children and having to constantly undress them to check their diapers. She currently sells her products on her own website and Etsy.

Caboosee’s come in two sizes: small (3-6 months) and large (6-12 months). One Caboosee onesie sells for $14 and she has several different designs to choose from on her website.

However, on Etsy they sell for $13 and there are only 2 options available. It seems the Etsy shop has transitioned to mostly crocheted items.

I looked through the designs offered and chose an elephant print. I waited eagerly for it to arrive!

However, I was slightly disappointed with the package the product arrived in. I’m not sure if this how all products are shipped or if mine was since it was a “freebie” for a review, but the package was a mess. The envelope had been used several different times with previous addresses marked through with marker.

That being said the Caboosee was in excellent condition. It’s an adorable and basic non busy design. I loved the look!

I put my 4 month old, Hannah, in the onesie and waited for the moment I knew would come.

The room started to get the unmistakable stinky smell. I looked over at her and she just grinned. I sat her up and looked in the peek panel on the back of the onesie and nothing!

I’d just saved myself the trouble of wrestling pants off a very squirmy baby for just gas! A bit later, the stench was back and I checked the peek panel again. This time there was actually a dirty diaper.

The onesie has held up well in the wash and there was no fading of the design.

I would recommend the Caboosee to anyone with a baby in diapers. It will be a real time saver and allow you to quickly determine if your little one needs a new diaper!

This would make a great baby shower gift for a new mom.

Caboosee on Facebook
Mom Made Peeks Etsy Shop

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  1. What a great idea! I wish I could register for some of these.

  2. Very cute! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  3. Super cute! and so practical! These would have been great for cloth diapering!! :)
    Thanks for linking up on the Saturday Spotlight! :)

  4. Now that is one happy baby! Love the cute onesies! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  7. That is smart. I got poop on the finger many times. I wish I had these when we were still in diapers and onesies. Thanks for stopping by Sunday's Best. Please join us again this weekend.

  8. those are cute and would love to have them

  9. cute onesie. i guess it's either wear gloves or give this a try...possibly both. lol