Monday, January 12, 2015

Review: Ready.Set.Tan.

This review is especially for our Ft. Irwin, CA readers!

Ready. Set. Tan? I’ll have to admit I was a bit nervous when I booked my spray tan with Megan. I’ve spray tanned before, but it’s always been with an automated machine. One of those “one size fits all” applications that’s not fully customizable and I didn’t have the best results. I will go ahead and say that this was a completely different experience!

Megan Baker is the owner of Ready. Set. Tan. located here on Fort Irwin, Ca. She’s been doing spray tans for 3.5 years. Megan is a certified airbrush technician by the National Spray Tanning Professional Association specializing in Sjolie Tanning products and the National Tanning Training Institute. All of her products are 100% organic, paraben free and never tested on animals. She’s been offering her services here since June 2014 and has quickly gained a loyal following.

Megan was very easy to work with from the moment I contacted her and we quickly set a date for my spray tan. She even let me know that she was “kid friendly” and I was welcome to bring my daughter if I needed to. Prior to my appointment, I was emailed a few documents. Pre-tan instructions, liability waiver, and client consultation card. I was asked to fill them all out and bring them with me.

The Pre-tan instructions went over what I should do before my appointment. It addressed the time frames that I should wax, shave, and shower to have optimal results.

In addition, Megan provided me with an 8oz bottle of Sjolie body scrub to use to exfoliate 1-2 days before my tan. It had an amazing spa like smell and I felt it left my skin very smooth. It retails for $13.

Megan works out of her home and has a lovely dedicated room for privacy during your tan. When I arrived, I gave her the liability waiver and the client consultation card. Megan looked over the consult card and we discussed how dark I wanted my tan. She then explained to me the 2 different tanning options she offers.

The rapid tan is $35 and you are able to shower 3-4 hours after your appointment. 

The other option is the traditional spray tan that you can shower after 8-10 hours. The traditional spray comes in two options: the regular for $25 and the quick dry for $30. 

The time ranges to shower off the solution depend on how dark you want your results. The longer the product stays on your skin the darker you will be. Megan will advise you based on your skin tone how long exactly you should wait until you shower.

I chose the rapid tan and we moved on to what booster I would like to try. Megan offers 2 boosters that are added to the tanning solution for $2 each. An anti-aging booster that reduces the appearance of sun damage and a slimming booster that tones and tightens skin while attacking cellulite. After, just having a baby I went for the slimming booster!

Megan then let me smell the 2 scents she can mix into the tanning solution. For $2, you can chose between pineapple and orange ginger. I chose the pineapple scent and it smelled delicious.

Other additions offered are the opalescent shimmer and the golden shimmer for $2 each. Shimmer can be done after your spray tan such as on the day of a special event.

At this point, it was time to get ready to start. Megan left the room to let me undress to my comfort level. I wore a swimsuit to be able to have areas to show comparisons of where I was tanned and not. You can tan completely nude if you would like, except men must wear at least a thong.

When Megan came back, she provided me with barrier cream to put on areas that tend to absorb more of the tanning solution such as hands, elbows, and nails. I then put “sticky feet” on which are exactly that: sticky pads for the bottom of your feet to keep from getting solution on them. I put my hair up in a hair net and chap stick on my lips to prevent getting them stained. Megan provides either personalized Ready. Set. Tan chapsticks or lip gloss to her clients. Add in a nose protector to prevent breathing in the solution and it was time to go!

To complete your spray tan, you step on to the platform and Megan gets to work! She shows you the poses she needs you in to get the best results. She was completely professional and I felt completely at ease during the whole process.

Once finished with the spray tan, Megan leaves you alone to dress. She suggests wearing loose dark clothes and flip flops home to prevent rubbing off the tanning solution. Before I left, Megan let me know the optimal time that I should wait to shower to achieve my desired results.

She also provided me with 2 more Sjolie products to assist with maintaining my tan. The body wash is specially designed to work with spray tanning solutions to keep skin hydrated. It has a lovely lavender/vanilla scent! It retails for $13 for an 8oz bottle. 

The other product was tan extend lotion which is a daily tinted moisturizer that can be used by all skin tones to match the tanning solution color. It has caffeine and anti-aging solution that helps to smooth skin and extend your tan by 2-3 days. It retails for $14 for an 8oz bottle.

I waited the allotted time to shower to let my tan develop. When you shower, it will seem like your tan is washing off. However, it is just the tint in the solution that lets the technician see what areas have been covered. After showering, I could already see that I had a nice tan.

The life span of a spray tan will vary by person, but my tan lasted around a week. I used the body wash to help extend the life of my tan because using bar soap will make your tan fade faster. It is suggested to moisturize twice daily to help your tan last longer. I used the tan extend lotion after showering and I feel it may have helped lengthen the time my tan lasted. 

Megan offers tanning parties for a minimum of 3 friends with the host being free. Details can be found on her website with the different options available. What a fun way to get ready for a special day with your friends or just have a girl’s day!

I would highly recommend Ready. Set. Tan. to anyone looking to have a gorgeous tan without the harmful effects of the sun. Spray tanning would be a great option for the upcoming military balls!

Ready. Set. Tan. offers a customer loyalty program. Tan 4 times and your 5th is free!  Also, I suggest “liking” Ready. Set. Tan’s Facebook page as she often has specials listed!

Megan Baker (951) 310-6052

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  1. I avoid getting too much sun - pale skin and a really bad burn when I was younger makes me cautious! The automated spray tans never appealed... I had no idea it was possible to get a custom spray tan from a real human being!

  2. Love a spray tan. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  3. I have friends that have done spray tans and liked it. I have always tanned super easy. In fact, I try to keep my face covered and out of the sun most of the time. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. interesting, there are so many products like this that the cost is what differentiates them