Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Pretty Pickle

Reviewer ~ Jackie Snider

The Pretty Pickle is a company I have known of for many years. I have seen them at craft fairs, bought a few products over the years, and I’ve known the owner, Megan Brown personally for about a decade. I reached out to Megan on Facebook because as much as I love helping to promote new small businesses, I’ve forgotten about the many I already know.

The Pretty Pickle sells a variety of products. For the purpose of this review, I received a hand made apron and a pair of hand made button earrings. Both of these are products I’ve personally bought in the past and I was excited to see that she was still selling them. 

The aprons are reversible with two fun patterns to display. They feature a large front pocket on either side, which really comes in handy while in the kitchen or the garden! They are soft and durable, and made from 100% cotton. I love that they are completely adjustable since they tie both around the neck, and around the waist. These are completely one of a kind, using her own original pattern. 

The first one I purchased is a beautiful grey/blue floral. I absolutely adore it and use it all the time. I even used it last year as part of my Halloween costume, which was a 50’s style housewife. Around that time, I also bought a green one for my mom as a Christmas gift and she says she has it on often! 

This is the apron I bought a few years ago. This picture was taken last year, at Halloween. The apron has held up so well! It is still so soft, it has no tears, and all stains have come out. The lace detail at the bottom is my favorite part. 

This is the apron I received from The Pretty Pickle this month.  I noticed only a slight difference in the pattern of the one I received this month, to the one I purchased about 3 years ago. The new one seems to be a little shorter at the bottom, and slightly slimmer up top. 

I love that I now have two one of a kind creations that are so different from one another. The colors on this one are so bright and cheery; you can’t help but have fun while wearing it! It is soft and comfortable and I’ve gotten compliments from anyone who has seen me in it. I love to wear it while I’m cooking. 

Although it is so pretty that I don’t want to mess it up, I know if I need to wipe my hands on it, I can confidently say it will come off when washed. 

I also always wear it when doing dishes. My least favorite part of washing dishes is how the front of my shirts get soaked from leaning against the counter. Now the apron gets wet instead of me! The aprons retail for the very affordable price of just $20 each! 

The button earrings are just the icing on the cake to any look. They are so incredibly simple and classy all at the same time. The ones she sent me are bluish green color, with little gold sparkles. They are a half-inch in diameter. 

They are just the most fun pop of color. They appear very well made. There is no fraying or detaching in the back where the fabric is fastened. The best part is, they are only $5.00! I definitely plan on stocking up on a ton of fun patterns and colors. 

The Pretty Pickle’s products can be found a few different ways. The products can be found on Facebook, Etsy and even at The Artisan’s Shop in Fairmont, WV! 

Currently on Etsy, The Pretty Pickle has over 85 items. They also have over 60 reviews from previous customers, not a single one is below five stars! Megan hopes one day to quit her day job, as a teacher, become a stay at home mom to her beautiful boys and run The Pretty Pickle. I definitely think she has the capability, creativity, and customer service skills to make that dream a reality! 

Pretty Pickle on Etsy 

Also, check out Megan’s blog (The Pretty Pickle) to follow her journey on new product adventures, amazing recipes, hear about her amazing family, and best of all hear updates on her little farm Brown Acre (Right now I’m waiting for a post about some baby chicks. Last week she heard peeping from a few incubated eggs!) And of course her products are also listed on there as well! 

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  1. Love the apron. I don't think I've seen too many aprons with pockets and I would love to have this. I think I would use it to play music on my phone while cooking. I get tons of water on my shirt was washing dishes but more so flour on myself while baking.

  2. Love this! I am finding that more and more of the "old school" items are becoming more purposeful. I love the apron and it would keep my clothing clean when cooking etc. But also the little pocket would be super helpful in my daily tasks, like collecting my chicken eggs. :)