Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Wookiwoo, I Love You

Reviewer ~ Jackie Snider

I was excited to get a chance to review another children’s book. As previously mentioned, reading is the favorite past time of my daughter and me. Thankfully, Wookiwoo, I Love You did not disappoint! Wookiwoo, written by Darren Perman and illustrated by Ruby Perman, is inspired by a true story. The parrot highlighted in the book, along with its family can be found flying treetop to treetop in Malibu, Ca.

This beautifully illustrated story is about a parrot who enjoys many of life’s simple things; flying, apples, and talking. He also loves a little boy names Jack, and tells him often. Years into their friendship Jack lets Wookiwoo go, as he just doesn’t have the time for him that he deserves. Albeit sad, Wookiwoo reunites with a female parrot from his past, Lulu, and they start a large family together. Their love is seen and spread to all those around them. 

I would like to point out that it unfortunately sparked a conversation about responsible pet ownership that is misrepresented in the book. The character Jack, releases his domesticated pet parrot into the wild because he was now in high school and didn’t have time for it. This is a bird that was used to living in a home, and a pet shop before that. I feel that this is NOT a bird that should have been left to fend for himself.

“If you love something set it free... This heartwarming story is about friendship, letting go, and the connection of those three little words "I Love You.”

More than just the story itself, what I loved about this book is that it arrived with an inscription to my ‘Hailey Bear’ with autographs from both author and illustrator. As it turns out, It’s not because I’m special, they actually do this touch with all book purchases! I was also very pleased to discover that each book purchase came with a code to get the Ebook version for free. 

As if all of that wasn’t enough reason to hurry over to their website and grab yourself a copy, 10% of every copy sold is donated to various schools and Children’s Cancer Research.

The book can be purchased on their website, Wookiwoo or Amazon for $9.99, and ebook versions can be bought for just .99 on Amazon  or Barnes and Nobles  Their site has a full list of stores and websites you can find the book at. Also, as a bonus, you can find print-outs for little ones to color, pictures of the real life Wookiwoo and family, parrot facts, and even the first 13 pages of the 40 page book as a sample.

Wookiwoo I Love You can be found at Facebook  and their own personal website

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