Saturday, October 5, 2013

Review: Mouthman Apparel

Reviewer ~ Jackie Snider 

I usually don’t click the side bar ads on Facebook, if I even notice them, that is. However, when I saw Mouthman I was too intriguing to scroll by. I found myself getting lost on their website for a good long while, and eventually contacting about a review. I spent about a week in contact with an extremely pleasant woman named Suzie, working out the details of the product I would review. 

The idea of the Mouthman shirts came from the very creative mind of Ross Valory. After enlisted the help of Prairie Prince, the company really came alive. If you think these names sound familiar, you’re not wrong. These amazingly artistic men are none other than two of the original founders of legendary rock band, Journey. 

Mouthman offers lightweight, jersey micromesh hoodies that go far beyond the call of any article of clothing. These shirts are as fun as they are stylish. They are as comfortable as they are affordable. They are made of recycled plastic bottles and are UPF 50+. 

Mouthman shirts feature a variety of different creatures, from sock monkeys to dinosaurs. In some cases, the front of the shirt shows the animal in whole, while the elbows of the sleeves, when put together, create the mouth of said creature. 

If you have children, you know that their imaginations are absolutely wild on their own. They love running around growling and squealing pretending to be animals. These shirts take that pretend play to a whole new level, and let me say first hand, it is just incredible to watch. 

Available worldwide for attention seeking self huggers and elbows looking for a good time!”

 There was the smallest of mix-ups with the sizing, but it turned out to mostly be a misunderstanding. I opted to have a shirt sent for my daughter, who is four years old. Suzie said she would love to send two shirts, so Hailey would have a friend to experience the joy of Mouthman with. 

I thought it was a great idea and told her that I would love to get one for her best friend, the person she plays with more than anyone else! I reported back that I would love a men’s size medium along with hers. Her most frequent plaything is none other than her Dad! 

The next day, there was a delivery straight to my door! It was an awesome triangular package with Mouthman written all over it. Upon opening it, I discovered a 4t for my daughter and a child’s size 6. I promptly messaged Suzie and she explained the package had been sent out by mistake before she received my answer, and the additional shirt would be sent out right away. It arrived just as quickly!

Hailey standing on the bathroom counter, admiring her Mouthman shirt.

My daughter was so incredibly enthralled with her beautiful purple tree frog shirt, and refused to take it off for 2 whole days when we first gave it to her. We caught her standing on the bathroom counter to ‘rawr’ in the mirror more than a handful of times. 

For the first nearly 2 weeks we had it, it was still very much Mojave desert whether, and far too hot to wear the shirt outside of our air-conditioned home. However, finally Fall came and it immediately dropped to the 60’s and Hailey was able to wear it to school. She was so excited all morning and told me all about how she would show it to everyone in her class. 

As soon as we got into her classroom, she ran to her favorite teacher in the class, who was very impressed. Upon pickup three hours later, it still seemed to be the talk of the class. Her teacher asked to see it one more time before we left. Hailey happily obliged, wrapping her arms around her shoulders, yelling ‘RIBBIT!’ while she opened and closed the mouth of the frog. 

The few other parents in the room, also picking up their children, all wanted to know where I got the shirt! There was a definite consensus about it being on everyone’s Christmas list this year. Hailey has also happily declared that this will be her and her daddy’s Halloween costume this year! 

My husband also enjoyed his shirt. The day it came in, he put it on and called my daughter downstairs. He hid behind a wall to scare her as he often does, but she wasn’t expecting the shark that came popping out! She immediately ran to find her tree frog shirt and they played and played all evening, acting like the animals their shirts depicted.

As for the size 6, I reached out to a few friends to find someone whose child would fit it. I will admit however, I thought long and hard about just putting it away until Hailey was big enough, but I just couldn’t wait to share this company with another child. So me, Hailey, my friends Sarah, and her son, Sam, 4, headed to the park for a Mouthman themed play date.

I’m happy to report that it was as big a hit as I had hoped! He seemed a little unsure at first, but as soon as Hailey showed him ‘her frog’, his face grew into a huge smile and he happily chased the tree frog around as a growling gator. I also noticed quite a few other kids at the park watching them, equally as amazed by the super fun shirts.

 I see many of these shirts in our future. I’m now the only one in my little family that doesn’t have one, and that definitely needs to change. Also, Hailey has already given me the long list of the ones she wants now! She keeps asking when she will have the kissy lips one. I highly recommend Mouthman shirts for absolutely anyone. Whether you are a girl or boy, child or adult, no one could put on of these amazing shirts on and not have an incredibly fun time.

(Our dogs seemed to be fairly disturbed by the Mouthman shirts. Which may or may not have added to their appeal….)

The hardest part of writing this review was definitely just deciding which pictures to add. I took so many and they were all incredible!

Mouthman on Facebook
Mouthman Website


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  1. I saw a picture of someone wearing one of these a while back and had no idea where to get one! So glad I happened upon this review on your blog. My two nephews definitely need one :)

  2. Oh geez,my kid would get such a kick out of these. The pics of the kids wearing these...adorable!

  3. I've never seen these before but they look like so much fun. I love the shark one!

  4. How great are these!!! I have to have that Shark hoody!!