Monday, January 29, 2018

Wreck It Ralph Rice Crispy Treats Race Cars #foodnflixclub

Wreck It Ralph is an amazing animated Disney movie that came out in 2012. With famous voices of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch and so many more, how can you not expect a fantastic movie? Amy of Amy's Cooking Adventures, made a great choice when she picked this for this month's Food n' Flix challenge!

This story is about an '80s style arcade that, when closed, comes to life! The video game characters all take on their "normal" personas and interact with characters from other games.

The main plot of the movie is when Ralph (a "Bad Guy") from Fix it Felix Jr. decides that he no longer wants to be the bad guy. He wants to earn respect and be treated just like the rest of his characters in his game.

He then turns to another game to try and win a medal to prove he can be a good guy. He wins one, but his life is turned upside down and the medal is stolen. He is eventually cast into Sugar Rush, a car racing game where everything is made of candy. Here, he has to find a way to get his medal back from a sneaky little glitch who stole it so she could earn her place in the race roster.

This movie is so creative and funny at the same time. There are so many adult puns throughout the movie that it is loved by kids and adults alike. I know that my whole family will sit down and watch the entire thing when it's on, even my husband! Food n' Flix gave us all a great excuse to watch it  again.

When I watched the movie looking for food references, there were so many things in it that remind came to mind!

  • The characters make their way to "Tappers," which is a serving game where they serve Root Beer. Ralph walks around with a cherry that he got from PacMan. 
  • There's the pie that Felix wins every night and the characters all eat. 
  • There is also the entire land of Sugar Rush where everything is made of candy, cookies or treats, and I mean everything. The mountains, the trees, the lakes, buildings, etc. Everything is made of something edible.

But the thing that really inspired me was when Ralph and Vanellope (the glitch from Sugar Rush) had to go into a bonus round of her game to Build a Race Car! They start out with a car mold and as they go through the levels, frosting and various candies drop all over the car to make a huge mess of a race car.... Vanellope absolutely loves it though! Its hers, she made it!

I decided to go this direction with this movie.

I got my kids at the table so we could make our very own Wreck It Ralph style Race Cars made from Homemade Rice Crispy Treats!!!

Now let me just say before we even start, this is MESSY! I mean you're talking frosting, candy, sticky rice crispy treats, and kids. Have some wipes ready!!

The first thing I did was make Rice Crispy Treats, which are super easy to make, the recipe is right on the box:

Wreck It Ralph Rice Crispy Treats Race Cars

6 Cups of Rice Crispy Cereal
3 Tablespoons of Butter
10oz of Marshmallows
White chocolate, melted
Assorted candies and frosting to decorate

First you want to melt the butter and marshmallows together until they form a nice mixture of melted goodness.

Once you have done this, remove from the heat and add in your cereal. Mix it in completely and spoon it out into a lightly greased 10x13 pan.

A helpful hint to make sure it is all pressed into the pan is to take a sheet of Wax Paper and lay it over the top of the rice krispie mixture - now you can press it all flat and even and keep your hands free from marshmallow stickiness.

Once I have it into the pan, I generally let it sit for about 2 hours to cool completely before cutting.

Once you have let it cool down, you want to cut it into rectangles about 5" long x 3" (or really however long you want to make them as the base of your cars).

At this size, I was able to get about 6 solid cars made with some extra chunks that ended up being used for car decoration.

I started by melting some white chocolate and completely coating the outside of the treats with it.

After I coated them, I handed them out on individual plates for my 2 daughters, husband and brother in law (and me, of course!).

On our table we had Gobstoppers, Nerds, Sprinkles, Laffy Taffy (also big in this movie) and some extra frosting that I had in the fridge from my daughters birthday the previous week.

I told the kids we were making Race Cars just like in Wreck it Ralph!

They were so excited and started to design their cars to exactly how they wanted them to look  and set to work covering them in frosting and candy,

This was definitely a fun and interesting project to do. It is fun to see where your children's creativity goes when given a task like this. We had a ton of fun with it. My husband and my brother in law even got into it as you can see by the pictures of the "over achiever cars" ha ha!

Give this little project a try with your family! I would love to hear how it goes... but make sure you are watching Wreck it Ralph in the background... for inspiration of course!

Be sure to check with Amy's Cooking Adventures to see what other Wreck It Ralph inspired fun other bloggers have put together!


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