Friday, January 19, 2018

Cave Tools Burger Press - Spinach Feta Burgers

So we all know that making hamburgers at home can be daunting when not using the frozen patties that you can buy at the store can be daunting.

Unless you are a pro (which I am not), you either get patties that are entirely too thick and don't cook all the way through without burning, or you get the uneven patties that may have thin sides and thick centers.

Cave Tools has come to me again to review another one of their great products, this time around I am reviewing their Burger Press.  If, like me, you find shaping burger patties to be a chore, this may be your savior!

The Cave Tools Burger Press perfectly forms 1/3 or 1/4 pound burgers that will cook evenly every time.

It is a circular heavy metal item that has a lid with a plastic handle that makes it easy to operate.

This useful gadget rolls in at a mere $11.99, and when you purchase this item, you also get 200 burger papers as well. These let you batch-prep a bunch of burgers ahead of time and freeze them, using the burger papers in between each patty for easy separation! Pretty cool.

It is a rare treat when I feel the need to make my own burger creations rather than buy the frozen patties, but the Cave Tools Burger Press made it easy enough that I think I will use it now and then, for sure, especially for specialty burgers that are more than just shaped beef.

My only complaint is that pressing down on the handle to "smoosh" the burger did hurt my hand, in spite of plastic handle.

Not 'oh my god I am in so much pain', but it was definitely an 'ugh this is annoying' pain.

I did pack the press to the marker but maybe I had too much which is why it hurt. 

I would need to work out some way to pad my hand before I'd try making a lot of burgers at one time for the freezer.

In spite of that one caution, I would definitely recommend this to others who love to cook and BBQ!

Of course, I couldn't resist making up a yummy hamburger recipe for this review!

Right now, we are trying to do a low carb diet, so my recipe is lacking the bun ( you can easily add this burger right onto a bun and have it taste just as amazing!)

These burgers turned out so well that we didn't even need to add a dipping sauce on the side!  We used beef for these, but they'd also be delicious made with ground chicken or turkey.  To make a larger batch, just double or quadruple the ingredients as needed.

Spinach and Feta Bunless Burgers
(makes 2 burgers)

1/2 pound of ground hamburger
1 handful of fresh spinach
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
Garlic salt to taste (you can do salt and pepper to taste, we are just garlic salt lovers in this family)

Combine all ingredients and mix them all up in a bowl.  (Don't overwork the meat or your patties will be dense and dry.)

Use a burger press and form your perfect patties!

How long you cook them is dependent on your preference. I personally am a weirdo and like mine well well done! No pink, completely dead, lol. I cooked mine about 8 minutes on each side. 

If you're using ground poultry, make sure you're cooking them all the way through.

(These would easily be amazing on the grill as well, but I cooked them on my stove-top.)

Once I took my burgers out of the pan, I placed them on a napkin to drain a little bit of the residual grease. This is a step you can skip if you BBQ them.

I paired these burgers with a great green salad and a side of Tortellini Alfredo! You can go so many directions with what sides you choose to make with these yummy burgers. Be Creative!

Give the Cave Tools Burger Press a try! 
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  1. Oh yes please Amber. I need one of these gadgets. We enjoy making our own hamburger patties, the store bought ones are just so bland, but shaping them into perfect little round jobs is always such a mission

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  6. I seriously need this gadget when making my burgers. No longer will I have to use my hands or frozen paddies.


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