Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review/Giveaway: Highchair Bib

I seem to have made a habit of reviewing obscure baby items that you didn't know you always needed - items I didn't know I needed, either, until I tried them!

When I first saw the Highchair Bib, honestly I just laughed. To me, a parent of a food thrower, it just seemed silly to think anything could beat her ability to make a mess. I figured there was just no way that it would actually catch foot thrown – dropped, maybe.

My other thought was that it would be come an overgrown food dish for the family dog, which made me laugh more.

So naturally I had to give it a try...

Highchair bib arrived folded up inside a mesh zipper bag. Upon reading the box, I learned the the mesh bag was a laundry bag! I was incredibly surprised to find out it was machine washable.

It unfolded with a pop, as the ends are made from the same type of material as a pop up laundry basket. It was much larger than I anticipated.

I was a bit concerned about what was expected in terms of putting on (and later, taking off). The bottom circle of the skirt is fully connected all the way around so it has to be slipped over the top, tucked until the foot rest and there is a tie for the top opening to tighten its hold.

Ever after seeing it on, I was still concerned it wouldn't catch the majority of her food grenades. However, it was better than our current solution...which is none. We just wait until she is done, and clean it all up off the floor.

Obviously it was time to put it to the test.

I will honestly say it caught about 85% of her castoffs, especially after she discovered it and purposely dropped stuff to watch it slide down.

But alas, her range of food bombing extends a tad beyond its reach so there was still minimal cleanup afterward.

It should be noted that the box does warn against keeping it attached to the chair after removing child, to avoid the child playing with and causing possible injury. However, we didn't always, and would just clean at the end of a full day of mess making, especially because any really messy foods, like things with sauces, don't occur until dinner.

With that said, remember that previously mentioned dog bowl image? Yea.. apparently it doubled as a toddler food dish. Sweet! (Can you tell this is not my first child? Hah!)

Moving on....

When it did come time to clean it out, I tried lifting it over the highchair the same way it came on... then I walked it over to the trash can and clumsily tries to slant this large circle into it.. major fail.. it went everywhere!

But of course, then I noticed the video on their site shows the lady using a paper towel to just grab all the debris from the bi while it is still on the highchair, then wet-wiping clean. Oh. I suppose that makes more sense... (mom brain!)

When there is messy food, we've made a point of wiping it clean directly after the meal and there hasn't been any stains or stubborn stickiness. However, I needed to try out this washing business for the sake of review, anyway.

Admittedly, I was very skeptical. Laundry bag or not, I was sure the plastic material would somehow get damaged. I'm happy to report that it made it through the washer, and a quick air dry on my balcony, good as new.

Although I saw more humor than practicality in the Highchair Bib in the beginning, I have become a true believer of its usefulness.

Side tip: I'm willing to bet it can be tied around a kitchen chair and catch all the mess from a haircut as well!

You can purchase your Highchair Bib either on their site, or on Amazon for $29.99. It only comes in white, unfortunately; I wish there was more options. I also would love to see them selling replacement laundry bags for when I inevitably lose the one that was provided.

If you'd like a chance at getting one for your own adorable little messy eater, we're giving one away to TWO of our US readers!  Read on to see how you can enter to win!

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Good luck!


  1. That is cool! I wish I had something like that when my kids were little. Have a terrific day.

  2. I always wondered how come they never had these types of things when my son was born in 2007 they always seem to come out with different and high end products which isn't fair lol, but it's okay. I love how simple it is to use and simply clean up too.

  3. Just getting them to eat when it's time!

  4. Great product, the hardest past is getting them to try new foods

  5. Getting food all over the floor.

  6. What a great idea! Shared #ProductReviewParty #112

  7. I learned that this is washable, which is always great. My challenge is keeping him still long enough to eat a whole meal.

  8. My biggest challenge is getting her to try new things. Brittney House

  9. This is too cool! I need this!

  10. I needed this when my daughters were babies. They were such messy eaters. #ProductReviewParty

  11. It’s fully adjustable and completely machine washable which is great it fits different size chairs. Being able to machine wash is great. I hate sticky foods on the floor.

  12. I learned they provide a special laundry bag to clean it.

    Biggest problem we had was them eating about 1/3 on the plate and other 2/3 on the floor.

  13. I found out that its fully adjustable.My biggest problem is baby food all over the floor!

  14. My biggest mess them throwing food on the floor, me or them.

  15. i learned that it twists and collapses similiar to a sunshade! I hate that they drop food all over the floor! Especially liquids :)

  16. The biggest challenge is getting my son to eat his carbs, weirdly enough

  17. my biggest challenge is keeping the area clean after we eat.

  18. Getting him to actually eat his food instead of playing with it or dropping it.