Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Review: Natural Traditions Hand & Body Lotion

Having sensitive skin has me always on the lookout for products that are made with as few artificial ingredients as possible. Unfortunately, not all natural products are gentle either, which can prove extremely frustrating.  

NaturalTraditions, a company that makes all natural, organic, skin care products, was a welcome antidote to that frustration for me. Using gentle, organic ingredients and essential oils, Natural Traditions offers many different options for those wanting a more natural and gentle way to take care of their skin care needs.

I was able to try out their 4oz bottle of All Natural Hand & Body Lotion ($9.00) in their popular scent Lavender and Rose. 

When I got it in my mailbox, I was actually in some dire need of a good restorative hand lotion, as the heels of my hands were starting to resemble sandpaper, and not the fine grit stuff either. 

 Of course, I immediately slathered some on my poor palms. 

In all honesty, it felt like I was smoothing a layer of silk onto and into my hands. The lotion is very creamy and not at all runny, like some can be, even in 98 degree weather! 

 As for the scent, I was informed that the rose part of the lavender and rose was actually a rose blend, due to the cost of pure rose essential oil, which I don't mind.  All the other essential oils they use are pure do Terra brand oils.

(Seriously though, I have pure rose essential oil on my holiday wish list because I can't see spending that much on one little bottle for myself, so I understand using a blend.) 

Unfortunately, though, using a rose blend meant that the only thing I could really smell was the lavender. 

96 degrees and still not runny, even with coconut oil as an ingredient.
I can be really picky about my lavender scents, but because Natural Traditions uses only essential oils to make them smell yummy, I had no problem smelling the herbaceous lavender every time I used it (which was often). 

I found the smell so relaxing that I actually keep it next to my bed, and use it before falling asleep on my hands and feet.   

Even after just that first use, I could feel a change in my rough hands.  

After only a week, there was a night and day difference in my hands.  Instead of rough grit fit for only a rough sanding, the heels of my palms were once again smooth as a baby's bottom, a glorious return to my normal silky hands!

Because I really couldn't smell the rose, when I have to replace the lotion, I will probably choose a different scent.  I do love the creamy silky feel of my skin when I use the lotion, so I believe I've found a company I can stick with for my skincare needs! 

 I know that one of their gift sets would be perfect for anybody looking for a gentler skin care gift!


  1. Sounds like wonderful products. As I've gotten older I can only use unscented lotions. The scents burn my eyes. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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