Monday, April 4, 2016

Review/Giveaway: CurlyCoilyTresses

I was recently given the opportunity to try CurlyCoilyTresses, a line of fragrance-free, natural hair care products especially made for curly or natural hair.

First, let me start this review off with a little background story (short version) of my own natural hair journey. I wanted to become natural because I wanted to see more growth and healthier hair for me. Now please don't take this as my saying you cannot achieve those things with having relaxed hair, this is just my path that I am taking.

For years I have been trying to grow my hair longer but it was never something I could get a handle on between the split ends and the heat damage. I was putting braids of some kind in every other month, and my hair was out of control.

So off to the BIG CHOP (which was horrible but amazing at the same time, I did not like my hair being the same as my four year old).

By then, no styles seemed to work for me, no shampoo seemed to help nor conditioners. I was sure my hair was just meant to be a Brillo pad like sponge.

Then I started searching the web and learning to listen to my hair and for now, I can say I do know different techniques to get my curls tamed. Even so, it seems at times that my hair either stops responding to some products altogether or I have to keep going from product to product every so often to keep the results that I love.

So when I was given the chance to review a hair product I was interested, not only for myself but my son who has eczema and almost everything I put in his hair will cause him to break out.
At the time I received my CurlyCoilyTresses review items, I was doing a co-wash only phrase because the weather was truly making my hair break off and as much as I tried I could not keep the moisture in.

I was very happy to receive the Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Combination Pack (available on their website for $30), with two separate products designed to deal with my hair situation.

First, out came the Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Treatment.

On the bottle it states, "Revolutionary approach to hair care. Unscented. Fragrance free. No masking agents. pH balanced. Moisturizing. Hydrating. Rejuvenating. Formulated for fine to coarse natural and relaxed textures. Can also be used on braided and locked hair and as a pre-shampoo treatment and conditioning wash (co-wash). Encourages defined, frizz free curls and hydrates and softens hair."

Reading this, I was quite optimistic because I fall under the coarse natural and DRYYYYY hair and I wanted to see if this could help my journey.

In the course of reviewing this product, I tried it over SEVERAL washes and as a pre-shampoo, co-wash, wash-n-go and as a conditioner.

1st time: I used this product as a co-wash, and per the direction you are to saturate hair with water and generously apply to the full length of  wet hair. Gently massage scalp and hair, then rinse well.


When I came out of the shower to finish my hair off I thought I would try a twist out but there was not enough moisture nor was my hair soften which made it very near to impossible to twist. I ended up adding another moisturizer to my hair to even get it to work with me.

2nd time: I used this product on my son instead, and was VERY PLEASED!!! with the results, though it does not say anything about itch relief. I noticed that he was not scratching his head all day nor did I see his eczema, so WIN there!

Now I wanted to try it again but to pair it with the Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In. So I co-washed again, and after I washed it out I was meet with the same results. This time, I immediately applied the Leave In. My results were very much improved from the 1st try, but still not where I wanted them to be and I was not able to twist my thick hair.

So because I wanted to keep trying, I added more of the leave in then before, and was able to twist my hair somewhat that night.

The morning results were not at all amazing and I ended up wearing a cap all day.

New night new trial.

This time I used the treatment as a pre-shampoo. I used my cheap sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse my hair. Then I applied the leave in, but this time I added it while still in a hot steamy shower and was able to do a twist out with no fighting.

The results in the morning was AMAZING!

The curls were actually curly, coily and stress free! My only regret that day was simply not having anywhere to go.

Leaving the Treatment in for 45 minutes seems to do the trick for me because it allows my hair time to soak it all in and actually be beneficial.

Which made the Leave In be the icing on the cake for keeping my hair soft after I left the shower.

I continue to use this for my son, and at the moment this is the only product I can put in his hair without him complaining of it itching.

Which, in my opinion is one of the benefits of having a product that doesn't add unnecessary ingredients to keep a scent to it, and just focuses on quality hair care.

So HUGE reason for me to buy more!

My overall thoughts on these products are that it seemed like a miss in the beginning, but turned out to be something that I can actually use and reuse, once I learned how to best approach it.

For now, I have had to switch to a different product for awhile, not due to the product not performing, but because my hair does this with all products I have to change it up to keep it happy.

But I have to point out that I was able to use this for much longer before my hair did its rejecting phrase! Which in the end worked out great, because I literally used up all the Treatment and Leave In within the 3 months you are to use it before throwing it away.

But not before I gave my hair a 2 week break and placed in some kinky twist, and as we all know that first wash is the wash that you have to try your hardest not to scratch out all your new growth. I was very pleased that I was able to use the CurlyCoilyTresses Treatment to help stop the itching.

I thought it was interesting that my son and I had different experiences using the same products. The
method that worked for me was using the Treatment as a pre-shampoo which you leave in for 45 minutes, then using the Leave In to make the moisture last.  For my son, the method that worked best was using the Treatment as his co-wash, and when needed adding a little bit of the Leave In.

The Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Treatment is available on their website for $18.00 and the Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In is available for $16, making these products a very affordable way to repair and manage your hair without any worries about allergies.

CurlyCoilyTresses is letting us do a Giveaway, so that two of our US readers can try these out for themselves!

One winner will get a coupon code to receive the Moisturizing Treatment, and the other will get a code to receive the Leave In moisturizer. Read on to see how you can enter!

To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Giveaway Tools Entry Form below. This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning.

This giveaway is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY and will end just before midnight ET on 4-18. 

The winners will be notified by email within 24 hours after the end of the giveaway. In order to claim the giveaway prize, the winner will need to respond within 24 hours of notification, or an alternate winner will be selected.

The first winner to respond to the notification email will receive their choice of product. The second winner will receive the one not chosen by the first winner.

Once the winners have responded and confirmed, their first names will be posted on our Giveaways  page.

Good luck!



  2. I want to try the BABASSU COCONUT OAT MOISTURIZING LEAVE IN. I deal with dry hair.

  3. Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Combo Pack
    Thanks for the chance

  4. I have very dry hair. I'm interested to see how this product would make my hair feel. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  5. i really interested in the BABASSU COCONUT OAT MOISTURIZING COMBINATION PACK I have such unruly frizz and dry curls!!

  6. You are just too, too adorable!! So happy you found a great product and glad you joined us at #FridayFrivolity - hope you keep coming back each week!

  7. Coconut oil in any type of product will always sell me. I love plain old coconut oil out of a jar for my skin. In fact, I just wrapped my head up in a bunch last night. Itchy skin is the bane of my existence. Ha ha.

    You have a beautiful family and your hair looks so healthy. I'm going to pass this information along to a friend of mine that has itchy skin and hair issues.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    Reinvented Collection

  8. I love your two strand twist! These products sounds divine and up my alley! #ProductReviewParty

  9. Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In Duo interests me. My daughter's hair gets very frizzy and I don't know how to help

  10. My daughter and I both have naturally curly hair and also have to be careful of allergens because we have Celiac disease. It is so much easier now than it was years ago to find products that don't contain specific allergens but they tend to be too expensive and you have to spend the money to find out that it didn't work how you'd hoped. Moisture in our curly hair is very important, we'd love to try these.

  11. I have natural curly hair myself and I like how you can use it for all sensitve hair types

  12. I really liked that you could find out more about each of the ingredients by clicking on "Ingredient Details" in the product listing. I was so curious about how oats would work for haircare, and learned "Hydrolyzed oats retain significantly more moisture regardless of the humidity level, and gain up to 50% more moisture at relative low humidity when extra moisture is most needed." My hair is aging (naturally grey), coarse and wavy and *always* in need of moisturizing. I'd love to try the Leave-In.

  13. I'd like to try Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In Duo


  15. My hair is really curly and dry so would love to try the BABASSU COCONUT OAT MOISTURIZING LEAVE IN DUO.


  17. This products look so awesome! I learned that you should only use 100% cotton tshirts to dry hair!
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    Ashley C

  18. i have a hard time keeping my hair soft and pretty.

  19. I have dry hair so I would like babassu coconut oat moisturizing combination pack.

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  21. I would love to try BABASSU COCONUT OAT MOISTURIZING LEAVE IN for my grandsons hair his hair is dry......

  22. I would like to try the Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In Duo


  24. Love to try the BABASSU COCONUT OAT MOISTURIZING LEAVE IN For My Daughter in-law who has beautiful hair!

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  27. I learned her products are pH balanced, deeply moisturizing, and hydrating. I avoid synthetic ingredients, parabens, dyes, chemicals, harsh preservatives and phthalates.

    I have naturally long curly hair, my biracial sons have dreadlocks and long curly hair respectively. We all suffer from dryness!

  28. I have natural curly hair and I like anything with coconut oil

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    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N

  31. I have very thick curly hair that is frizzy and very dry. I am hoping to find a good product like CurlyCoilyTresses Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave-In will help me. I like that it is unscented to because I have allergies.

  32. I would like to try the Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Treatment Duo.My hair is wavy,and it's very dry and damaged

  33. Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In Duo.

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