Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review/Unboxing: Pet GiftBox December Subscription Box

I'm going to be completely honest. My pets are family. It's simply how I was raised. Our dogs were my other brothers, just furry and four legged. So, it stands to reason that, once I was older and had pets of my own - a cat and then a dog - they would be my “fur babies”. As such, they are extra loved (or as some people might say, spoiled rotten).

Seriously, don't let me in a pet store unaccompanied, I can't be held responsible for what I may buy (like three Halloween costumes for my dog and blingy collars for my cat...)

I am, therefore, always on the lookout for new ways to treat my pets. A pet subscription box seemed to be just the thing!

Pet Gift Box offers subscription boxes for both cats and dogs, with dogs having three size options: petite pup for those 20lbs and under, mid-sized pup for dogs 20-50lbs, and hefty hound for those doggies who are over 50lbs. My dearest Muttface, Gregor, comes in at about 75lbs, so he definitely qualifies as a hefty hound.

My first month of the Pet Gift Box was December, with the box arriving just a few days before Christmas. The box itself looks like a gift wrapped up, and opens up to reveal the goodies inside, complete with a handy identifying card. For Christmas, Gregor got: a cute looking scarf, a plushy fox toy with a squeaker inside, two types of treats (one gingerbready and one and a holiday blend of beef tips and crunchy tubes), and a scented candle to give to mom (that'd be me).

The ZippyPaws Holiday Scarf is a faux fur scarf in a cheery bright blue with a white stripe, with a loop sewn into one end that you can thread the other through. It looks rather fetching on Gregor, and adds an extra, if nearly superfluous, layer of warmth on a cold midwinter's eve. I find it makes a charming change up from the more common handkerchief style scarf.

The Bundle Up Buddy Chew Toy provided my Muttface with a super cute corduroy fox wearing his own scarf. This squeaker toy has a noticeably deeper squeak than his other toys and is his first actual plushy toy. All his others have been all rubber, balls or stuffingless. I was worried at first that it might become a toy for the children, however Gregor seems to be quite taken with it.

The box also had two styles of treats for Gregor to enjoy.

One was the Pet Gift Box Gourmet Holiday Blend with what seems to be freeze dried bits of beef and crunchy tubes that honestly look like trachea. Gregor loves them.

The other was the Holiday Buddy Biscuits, which are smaller gingerbread man shaped treats made without wheat, corn, or soy. Opening up the bag of them, you can't help but think HOLIDAY! as the distinctive gingerbread scent wafts to you. While he may be less fond of these than of the beef bits, Gregor will still eagerly enjoy these soft treats.

The last thing in Gregor's Pet Gift Box was a Holidays Fur All Scented Candle. This cream colored candle smelled of winter, with its spices of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg and the gentle hint of fir needles. I thought it smelled really good, and burned it just after Christmas during a game night with friends, and it lasted the entire evening.

Gregor and I are eagerly anticipating the next two Pet Gift Boxes and discovering new treats and toys and such to give him even more extra love (or spoil him even more rotten...).

 If you want to give a fur baby in your family a fun subscription box of goodies, plans start at $18.99/box in a 12 month plan!


  1. What great treats for our pets. I bet they get excited about them.

  2. I love dog subscription boxes! Helps with puppy boredom with toys and snacks.

  3. So I told my husband about these but first I had to explain that there were boxes for kids too. He just stared at me and walked away. Haha. Our dog is already spoiled.

  4. So I told my husband about these but first I had to explain that there were boxes for kids too. He just stared at me and walked away. Haha. Our dog is already spoiled.

  5. I just got our puppy Murphy his first box this month. I LOVE this idea but unfortunately he "killed" the football toy in less than 2 days...LOL! And since he's so small I'll be able to get a lot of day out of his treats. Woohoo! #ProductReviewParty

    1. Dang girl, less than 2 days!!! Looks like you got a lot on your hands with Murphy!

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