Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Texting Hat

Gag gifts, White Elephant gifts, whatever you call it, I have got just the thing to make the recipient of this sort of gift laugh their butts off - the Texting Hat! I gave this gift wrapped up as a White Elephant gift for my family's Christmas.

We all know (or maybe ARE) That Person - the one that is constantly head down checking their phone, right? Do you miss seeing their face?  The Texting Hat started out as a funny video about that phenomenon, and then turned into an actual product:

This is such a silly item and one that I would definitely not think to buy personally, but don't get me wrong - did we laugh! The picture on one of the hats that I received was of my husband, the best part for me was that he was unable to attend the party so the hat was even better for everyone to see his big old head on a hat! Man did this cause a roar in the house, everyone was in tears from laughing so hard.

This hat runs for $24.95 but is on SALE right now for $19.95, so get over to their site and place your order now! Shipping is $5 and International starts at $10. A few things to know - unlike many shopping sites, There are absolutely NO returns and NO refunds!  Which makes sense, because these are personalized with the wearer's face!

So how does it work? Simply go to and click on the link to Purchase. You order the hat, fill out all the prompted information it asks you for and proceed to checkout.

After you purchase, you are sent an email and this is where you provide the picture that you want featured on said hat.

I was given the chance to do two hats. I chose to do the face of my husband and a goofy friend of ours as well. They turned out just like the pictures that I had sent, with the exception that it did have to cut a little off of my husband's head and beard to fit the hat (and we all know how men are about their beards).

If I had just one suggestion for this silly product, it would be to make the hats available in a different color. I think that black would look really good with a bright picture on it. The white was so blinding! Obviously, it is a gag gift so that may not really matter to anyone but it's just a thought!

And for legal purposes (just kidding but you never know), here is a note from the company:
This is a gag gift - and should NOT be used while walking, driving, operating heavy machinery, tap dancing, delivering babies, time traveling, playing chess, bike riding, attending family reunions, flying jumbo jets, jet skiing, snow skiing, throwing darts, or any other activity that demands your attention. In short, don't actually use this hat. Just buy it and laugh at it and then rejoin the world of living human begins who wish to see your face for real.


  1. This is really cute and funny! I would like to get this for my brother for his birthday!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. This is really funny, I can see how it would be a great gag gift. Perhaps a little reminder to get your eyes off your phone occasionally too! LOL

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