Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: The Soap Basket LLC

“The right lathers, right oils, and the essentials you need to get clean!” 

 The Soap Basket, LLC makes a bold claim on their Facebook page, and I was privileged enough to get to test that claim.  I was not disappointed! 

I was able to choose three scents of their all natural goat's milk soaps from a very long list of options, and selected Vanilla Lavender, Sandalwood Rose, and Snickers Coffee.

When I received the package in the mail only three days after being told it was on its way, I immediately was entranced by the lovely smells coming from it! Even the Mr, who doesn't usually care if the soap is scented or not, was sniffing the package with interest.

The Vanilla Lavender and Snickers Coffee soaps were in their own little boxes in the package, while the Sandalwood Rose, being shorter and wider than the other two, was loose. My only complaint about the packaging was that the individual boxes, though they had the shop information and even a Bible passage, lacked scent information and weight, which I would have liked to have available.

All of these handmade goat's milk soaps smelled amazing, though they did have different levels of intensity. Each, also had a fantastically gentle lather that left the skin feeling soft and moisturized afterwards, instead of dry and stretched. This is definitely a feat in the Mojave desert, and even the Mr was impressed, as he thought I had just put on lotion the first time he felt my hands after using this goat's milk soap!

Left to Right: Snickers Coffee, Sandalwood Rose, and Vanilla Lavender

The Vanilla Lavender soap was chosen with my son in mind, and was placed in the bathroom. He still thinks that washing his hands is one of the coolest things you can do, so I wanted a scent that was far from stimulating. 

This creamy bar with lavender buds is exactly what I wanted. Of all three soaps, this has the mildest scent, though that was to be expected as neither vanilla nor lavender are strong on their own. 

Fair warning, the lavender buds are actual flowers, and therefore are not a bright purple, but actually kind of brown, especially as they become exposed. Personally, I don't mind, as it shows me that the flowers weren't artificially colored prior to being put in the soap.

The Snickers Coffee soap was picked just for me. However, the Mr and I both loved this, the strongest scented soap. It smelled so good, I honestly thought he was going to hide it and keep it all for himself. 

In the end, though, I was able to use this black slab of yumminess in the shower, replacing my usual body wash. 

Because it was in the shower and had more constant contact with water, this soap did not last quite a month, and I am definitely replacing it! This was the only bar that did not have any texture to it, so I may have to make a soap bag for it, as it kept slipping out of my hands.

I chose the Sandalwood Rose soap with my husband in mind, as he loves sandalwood, and I put it in the kitchen to replace the liquid soap we were using there.

This brown, ridged soap smells so amazing that the Mr and I argued over it. He wanted to keep it for himself. So did I. This one had a stronger scent than the Vanilla Lavender, and still fills our kitchen with its delightful aroma when we wash our hands.

After more than a month, both the Vanilla Lavender and the Sandalwood Rose soaps are still going strong!

If you want to order some of this fantastic handmade soap, you can do so through their Facebook page, or, if you happen to be in the New Franklin, Ohio area, you could stop in their brick and mortar store!

The Soap Basket has a long list of fantastic scents to choose from, and the soaps retail at $1.59/oz.

Should you have any skin allergies or sensitivities, contact them and they will help you pick out just the right soap for your skin! I know that I am going to be ordering more soaps, and look forward to trying even more of their delicious fragrances!

The Soap Basket on Facebook

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  1. Just the name 'Snickers Coffee' is making me swoon!

  2. I love handmade soap and these look wonderful! Just the names are tempting enough. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  4. I don't use soap every shower, but I love handmade ones. They smell delightful and really get the job done!

    Thank you for linking up with Creative Style Linkup! Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Snickers Coffee, yes please!! I love handmade soaps :)
    Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday.