Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Announcement: List your Holiday Weekend Sales!

Hey all!  This post is just a quick little announcement - if you've been reading for awhile, you know how much we love to showcase and support small businesses and interesting products.

We've set up a comment thread over on our Facebook wall so that anyone with a business (large or small, product or service, local or online) that is offering any sort of sales or specials the next few days can post and tell us all about them!

So if you've got something for sale - or you're looking for some good bargains, please stop in and read.  You know we'd also love it if you hit that "Like" button while you're there, of course, and please feel free to share with anyone you know that might be interested.  Word of mouth helps everyone out, especially small business people.

Meanwhile, stay tuned - we have SO MANY wonderful reviews and giveaways coming up over the next month!

Happy selling and happy shopping!

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