Friday, November 21, 2014

Review: BuggyBeds

Anybody that knows me can attest to the fact that I do not get along with any breed of bug. It doesn't matter if it’s a tarantula or a ladybug, if it gets too close I’m likely going to cry! One insect in particular that truly gives me the willies is bedbugs! The mere thought of some creepy crawly touching me in my sleep makes me feel entirely violated.

BuggyBeds can help give you some peace of mind! BuggyBeds is a nontoxic, chemical free glue trap that claims to lure and trap bedbugs for early detection. They carry a full line of BuggyBed traps, each one labeled for different use.

There are 5 in all – Home, Child, Dorm, Auto, and Travel. However, they admit that each of these is almost identical, just with different packaging.

The only difference is that the travel version comes with a black carrying pouch and are also made to withstand higher temps, in case you are vacationing somewhere tropical. Additionally the auto comes with a slight vanilla scent. Other than that, I find it fairly gimmicky to market it as if you need a different one for each area.

I was sent one a few boxes of Home, Dorm,  and Travel. Each one states that it can be placed in all the various places as the others.

The first one we used was Travel. With our frequent trips to Santa Monica for my daughter's clubfoot treatments, we were staying at the same Comfort Inn week after week (after week).

I found myself actually very nervous to test it out. What would I do if one showed up? By the time I would see that, I would have already stayed numerous times, as well as the night previous. I do suppose it would tell me to find a new hotel in the future, but that would have been sad as well since we enjoyed our time there.

We slid it under the mattress when we arrived in the evening. The box doesn’t give a minimum timeframe for how long it needs for detecting, so I’m assuming that by morning it would have done its job. Thankfully, come morning, the trap was still entirely empty. Whew!

If I thought I was nervous about potentially finding out the truth about our go-to hotel, it doesn’t hold a candle to my nerves about placing them in my own home. Obviously, the only answer to finding them would be to burn the place down!

But I suppose better safe than sorry! So we laid the traps. We placed one under a cushion of each couch, under our mattress, under my daughter’s bunk-bed mattress, and under the crib mattress.

We placed them near the corners as instructed and checked them once a week.

Again, luckily nothing showed up. While some could argue that this could mean that they don’t work, I’m certainly choosing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it insinuates that my home is bedbug free! I will say that I was given a sigh of relief each time I checked the traps and they were empty.

I wish they company gave a little more insight into how they work. I understand that they are glue traps, so they are sticky inside to trap a bug if one happens to enter.

However, they let it be known that they are pesticide and chemical free, but also claim to lure the bedbugs. I’m interested to know what exactly is luring bugs in to begin with. These are not meant to prevent, or stop an infestation. These are merely windows into your problem. They just alert you by trapping even one, that you have a problem.

One thing I dislike is that they claim they are for early detection. In reality there is no such thing as ‘early detection’ for bedbugs as even just one single bedbug could already mean an infestation.

Prices for the traps seemed to vary. For example a 4 pack of Home traps retails $8.64 on Amazon, but costs $14.99 on BuggyBed's website.

In my opinion, it is worth the price for a bit of assurance and peace of mind, especially if you spend much time in hotels. I don’t think that you need to buy all the different packages of it, however. One will do the trick!

If a bedbug does ever show up in your trap, even one, it is recommended that you call an exterminator (or notify the hotel management) immediately.

Additionally, if you don’t find anything in the traps, but still think you have a bedbug problem, you shouldn't hesitate to call in a professional. These traps are not 100% accurate every time and you should trust your instincts.

BuggyBeds Website
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  1. These would be very nice when traveling.

  2. this looks great! im going to share the post with my friend who recently relocated into a highrise in Vancouver and despite his ridiculous rent still has bedbugs :/ maybe this will help

  3. good info to know, especially now that we're hearing so much about bed bugs

  4. I could see that these would come in handy when traveling. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. I have never seen or experienced bed bugs, or are they so small you can`t really see them at all? I live in the Dominican Republic, and now wonder if we should get this bug traps or not.

  6. They don't work .. complete scam. Placed twelve in one of my apartments because exterminator was going to be ten days out. After 11 days 12 traps 2placed almost in a nest. Not one bug trapped. Crooks waste of money. They should be forced to pay consumers a refund plus interest.