Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Pupbox Development Subscription Box

I have a 10-11 month old pittbull mix named Cort.  He’s a feisty sucker, but a loveable one.  He loves to bark……… a lot.  He also likes to nip as a form of playing, to the point where sometimes I can walk by and he’ll nip me in the butt for fun.  Like I said...feisty.  However, the moments when he wants to cuddle because he missed me, by putting his paws on my shoulders and nesting his head in the crook of my neck, make his transgressions mostly worth it.

That said, we are still in the market for some training implements to help quell the parts of his personality that are not conducive to a happy self, namely me.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to try out the PupBox developmental subscription box set, I jumped on it.

I received my shipment in about a week and a half, and it came in your typical subscription box size.  

As you can see, Cort is anxious to see what is in this special box that he somehow knows is for him.  Each box will contain up to 6 items that could range from treats, grooming products, supplements, or various accessories.  

You can see some of the variety of products you might receive through their website shop.

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a really well-made 1-sheet pamphlet that is customized to the age of my particular pup, 10 months.  

The pamphlet went over some basic information on the growth of my pup, the appropriate activity level for his age, a trick of the month to try, what is important to consider for his age, such as sleeping patterns, etc.  

It’s a very educational piece of information that highlights the pertinent stuff I should know at this stage of pet ownership :)  If you had a really young pup, your box may include special items such as pee spray.  They really customize to your dogs appropriate age, which is convenient.

Once through the “boring” stuff, Cort and I were onto the toys and snacks!

My Cort especially loves noisy toys that squeak and krinkle, so I was pleased that all of the toys provided were able to give him the noisy amusement.  

My kit contained:

  • One Monkeez krinkle bone with a squeaker (sad to say he has already torn into this, it’s a thing for him)
  • One JW Good Cuz rubber ball “person” that squeaks
  • One Henry Krinkle leather dog with a water bottle type insert that makes the krinkle sound of an empty plastic bottle (which Cort also loves)
  • A rawhide stick from the Natural Dog Company
  • Some 100% venison treats from Superior Farms (made in America, which is important to me after the Chinese Dog Treat scare last year)
  • And some Puppy supplement treats from PetNaturals of Vermont

So the haul was a good mix of fun, health, and premium treat.  I really like that they included the supplement treats to help boost Cort’s health, and he has already had them and loves to eat them.

PupBox Subscriptions aren't just for puppies - they have subscription offerings that are appropriate to all ages.

So, how do you get your own Pupbox?   You simply go to the Pupbox website and fill in your puppy’s profile information (this helps with the customized box), pick how many months you want to subscribe for (1, 3, and 6 months plans), and they will do the rest.

They even cover the shipping charges for the subscribers.  You can also purchase their items from their website separately, but you do cover the shipping cost for those.  Each box starts at $24 per month.

All in all, this is a very sound way to treat and train your puppy every month.  You receive products that are appropriate as your pup grows, you get a different variety every month, and it’s like Christmas morning for your pup once a month at a decent cost.  

Your pup is worth that, right?  I know mine is, and he probably knows it.

PupBox is generously offering our readers $15 off any subscription - just use the code CHEWS15 when you check out!

Thanks to PupBox, we are able to host a giveaway of one PupBox to a lucky winner in the United States.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Rafflecopter, and then leave your Username and email in the Rafflecopter entry. This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning.  Good luck, everyone!

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  1. I love that pupbox donates to shelters/animal rescue groups as often as they do! If we win, we'll donate the contents to our local animal shelter :)

  2. I like that the items are personalized to your dog.

  3. I love that they donate to shelters cause our dog is rescued from one and she is our baby.

  4. I love how they donate to shelters. That is pretty awesome in m book.

  5. The best part really is the donating. It's nice to see a company in it for more than just profit.

  6. I learned that each month includes a new trick to teach your puppy, and how to go about it!

  7. I like how they match your puppy profile to the different items in the packages!

  8. I love that they include items specifically for your puppy's current stage of development and that they include training tips.

  9. II love that they cater to your pet's needs and that they give back!

  10. Very cool. I am seeing these boxes around a lot and have been wanting to try one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I'm hesitant about subscription boxes, but love this one. I like that you can choose to pick the items in your box- a good option for me who has dogs that can't have some things, and already have lots of toys and treats we don't need doubles of. I didn't realize they had a new puppy version though- would be great for my new pup! LyricInTime2803 (at) yahoo (dot) com (NOT the google address I had to use to comment here!)

  12. I also like that you can choose the items in your box and all items are approved and chosen specifically for you puppy! Thanks so much!

  13. I like that the items are personalized for your dog. Great giveaway!


  14. Wow, never heard of this company! I like that they are affordable and they customize to your dog!! That is pretty awesome!


  15. Replies
    1. This is one of my favorite features as well :)

  16. I like that the items are personalized to your dog and they donate to shelters.

  17. What kind of educational material will you provide each month?
    Each month your box will include educational inserts. The first is a development guide, or as we call it a “PupInfo Card” that will walk you through the changes going on in your new puppy. For instance if your pup is 3 months old we will discuss how to prepare your home and make your new puppy feel like part of the family. Additionally each month we will provide a “Trick of the Month”. This guide will teach you and your puppy 1 new trick each month, and don’t worry we make sure the trick is age appropriate for your fluffy companion.

  18. I love that they can customize it to your dog for a new trick every month and that it is educational for your pup

  19. I've never heard of this company. I really like the idea of a customized box based on your profile. I use to get the Bark Box. The dogs loved most of it, but refused to eat the fruit and veggie based treats.

  20. I love that it is based on your puppy's development!

  21. I learned you can sign up your older "puppy" too.

  22. I like that they send items specifically for your dogs age/needs!

  23. I love that they donate! That is awesome! Also, I love that they personalize to your dogs age/development

  24. So cute to get a special little box full of goodies just for your dog! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. I LOVE that Pupbox donates!!! :D

  26. II love that they cater to your pet's needs and that they give back!

  27. I learned you can pick the plan that you want for your pup.

  28. I learned that buy supplying information about your dogs age, size, and lifestyle, you can help personalize your dog's box! :)

  29. My dog loves squeaker toys. He just grabs them and goes crazy. I actually liked their blog, teach you tricks and tips for your dogs. Maybe my dogs are too old, but I can always try~ (・∀・ )

  30. lol my dog will not stop until he has removed said squeaker

  31. I love that they donate, and that you get SO much in the kit, too!

  32. My dog rips out the squeaker too & forever abandons the poor toy :l