Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Name Bubbles

I love labels.  A lot.  My husband surprised me with a label maker and I was ecstatic.  Name Bubbles is a wonderful company to fuel my label love.

Name Bubbles is a label company that was created when founder Michelle Brandriss learned that her son had a severe food allergy.  They offer a wide variety of name/medical alert labels and have earned multiple awards, including the Mom's Choice Award and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval.

Among their products are: dishwasher safe labels (both name and write on); alert labels for important information and medical alerts; value packs for camp, daycare, school, etc; laundry safe labels (press and stick and iron on); tags and wristbands; and an adorable Peanuts section.

Name Bubbles also gives back with their own Giving Program, where they provide support and awareness for a participating non-profit organizations by offering special products that allow them to donate thousands of dollars to these non-profits.  The non profit organization they are supporting for the 2014 calendar year is Food Allergy Research & Education (F.A.R.E). 20% of the purchase price any allergy-related product will be donated to F.A.R.E, with a commitment for a minimum of a $10,000 donation for 2014.

I elected to receive a pack of 48 square write-on dishwasher safe labels.  I was able to choose from quite a few different ways to personalize them, and decided on the black and white leopard print in black.  They came in their own little envelope along with an ink pen for labels that won't be heated, a hydro marker for labels that will be, a double sided instruction sheet specific to the dishwasher safe write on labels, a little promotional flyer, and a more generalized instruction sheet with basic instructions for dishwasher safe and laundry safe labels.

Using my pretty, new labels to label my kitchen canisters.
The sugar label was written using the ink pen, and the popcorn label was with the hydro marker.

The customer service number and email were on every sheet except the stickers, which makes it easy should you have any questions.  Not only are these labels waterproof and dishwasher safe, but they are also freezer friendly (up to -60F), microwave safe (up to 225F), and are made in the USA.

The hydro marker looks and feels like a grease pen while the ink pen is more like a wet erase marker.  As you can see, the hydro marker creates a more hazy writing, like a crayon, while the ink pen provides sharper letters.

It is best to use the hydro marker on things that won't be handled too much, as it does wipe off easily, and comes completely off in the dishwasher, so I tend to save it for labeling leftovers the Mister's lunches.

While the ink pen does take to being handled better than the hydro marker, it will still smudge off. I had recently purchased us water bottles and labeled them, but in just one outing, our names were all but illegible.

It would be far better to use their personalized labels for items that are going to be washed or exposed to wet surfaces.

After washing a container, I also found that a few air bubbles had formed under the label, but did not affect its adherence to the container.

If I really wanted to, I could get the label off, but it isn't coming off any time soon on its own.

All in all, I actually really enjoy these labels, and the poor Mister keeps finding the new thing that just had to be labeled around the house (sippy cups, notebooks, containers that we can clearly see what lies inside).

I will most definitely be ordering more from Name Bubbles  as my label needs increase (preschool! new baby! new house!).

Look at all the pretty labels!

To try out Name Bubbles for yourself, head over to their Website, or Facebook Page.

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  1. These are adorable! Great idea for back to school!

  2. I really like the idea of washable labels! The laundry labels are a great idea! To get rid of that bit of bubbling (usually happens if the label wasn't flattened out entirely), they can often be pricked with a pin to let the air out, and then flatten it with your finger. You'd want to make sure its well flattened before you wash it again, though!

  3. These might be good for lunch containers for my daughter. :)

  4. I love these to mark bottles, sippy cups and anything that goes to the sitter's house

  5. What fun labels! Really dress thing up! Thanks for sharing with SYC.