Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review/Giveaway: Made of Sundays Wall Decals

"Tadaa! I'm an envelope from and I love you."

 I have long been interested in wall decals as a way of creating decorative interest in a room, but held off trying any because it looked like it might be very difficult to put them up without messing up, and because our house isn't blessed with a lot of large surface areas.

Because of this, I was very intrigued by Made of Sundays line of quotation signs - they are visually appealing, but small enough to usable in a tight space and also looked easy enough to put up without creating unwanted bubbles.  Made of Sundays is a small business based in Finland, and even from so far away, it feels very much like the small, custom business that it is.  Every aspect includes a personal touch that I appreciated highly.

One thing that becomes clear when you look over the Made of Sundays website, is that Alba has a very upbeat and hilarious sense of humor - as I read over her interests and explanations of her products, I found myself smiling and feeling like I was meeting a friend. In addition to the quote signs, she has a line of children's wall decor made from eco-friendly fabrics, and all of her products evoke a sense of cheerful optimism.

I selected one of the signs that said "Life is GOOD Today." - I thought this was a lovely sentiment and one I'd want to see daily.  It's such a good affirmation and the sort of reminder that can quickly turn a bad mood into a cheery one.

The packaging itself was a delight - my decal came in an envelope addressed with metallic calligraphy and was well protected between sheets of stiff cardboard.  Included with the decal were extremely easy to follow step by step instructions that also contained several humorous touches.

I followed the instructions as written and found no problem at all getting the sign placed exactly where I wanted it.


We've got a picture on the wall that has long bothered me because it was hung quite high (so that the top lined up with the curtain rod next to it), and it felt like it needed something else underneath it to create greater balance. This is just next to our front door, so this is a space we see every day. 

Step by step instructions!
The steps to put up these decals are quite straightfoward and (speaking as the fool in question) pretty fool proof!

Step 1:
Clean the area where the decal will be applied so that it is dust and grunge free.  The surface should also be smooth and non-porous so that the decal sticks cleanly.  I used a micro-fiber cloth to clean my wall.

Step 2:
Decide where you want the decal to be and use tape strips to mark the edges (don't apply the tape to the decal - you're simply creating a removeable straight line to get it in the right spot).  This really did take two people - one to hold it up on the wall and the other to step back and make sure it was straight and centered as desired.

Step 3: 
 Now, you carefully peel off the back of the decal.  This is not one big sticker - each element is an individually cut shape.  So while peeling, you want to go slowly and if any of the lettering tries to stick to the backing being removed, just gently return it to the other piece of backing, so that it all stays in place.

Step 4:
Line the decal up with the tape line markers, so that the decal itself is against the wall, and the paper backing is outward.

Step 5:
Use a credit card or other small plastic card, and firmly stroke the backing, so that the decal sticks to the wall and no air bubbles are created.

Step 6: 
Carefully peel off the backing.  If you thoroughly did Step 5, there should be no issues with the decal lettering coming off with the paper, but work slowly enough to correct, should this happen.

Step 7:
Remove your tape makers.  Step back and admire your handiwork!

Ta-daa!  Life IS Good Today!

 I am so impressed by how this turned out - it provides just the touch I was looking for near the front door, and following the instructions resulted in a perfect application with no complication at all.  Because each letter is separate, there is no odd shininess I've seen in some other wall decals.

I will be enjoying this for a long time to come!

If you'd like to try your own Made of Sundays wall art, Alba ships world wide and is offering a 10% off code to our readers until the end of June 2014.  Just use the code  MADEOFSUNDAYS2014 when you check out.

Additionally, Made of Sundays is offering a giveaway of any one of their in stock items - this giveaway is open world wide and will end just before midnight EDT on Thursday, May 29, 2014.  Good luck to all who enter!

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Made of Sundays Website
Made ofSundays on Facebook

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  1. I love them all! Especially the love hearts and any polka dot wall mural piece. I love what it does to a space :)

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  8. Thank you for this lovely review and giveaway!
    If I have the chance to win I d love to have this wall decall:
    Crossed fingers!

  9. I could make a place in my house for each and every one of these, but my favorite is Sunday's Rain! It'd be so cute on the awkward tiny wall space between the towel rack and the door in my bathroom!

  10. "a clean kitchen is a sign of a wasted life" would be perfect for our kitchen!!

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  12. A clean kitchen is a sign of a wasted life

  13. SHERRIE C.

    I would choose the Sneaky Squared Animals if I won. Thanks :)


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  30. I clean kitchen is a sign of wasted life.. truth in my house we always have a dish in the sink :)


  32. eah the "Age improves with wine" is just too good :P

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  35. Wow amazing! Very impressive! Will definitely give this a go! vinilos decorativos