Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: CozzySack

The CozzySack sleep sack was born when two siblings realized the need for a travel blanket that didn't fall off.  On their Etsy shop, , they offer just that.  Each sack is sewn shut at one end, with an opening at the other and an attached pillowcase.

They come in three sizes: adult, kid, and baby/toddler (ideal for kids under 3).  Each blanket comes in its own drawstring carrying bag.

You can see it here, folded ever so nicely in a way that I will never be able to duplicate.

The blanket is so soft and fuzzy that I took several pictures of this thinking the picture was what was fuzzy!

Beyond using it as a sleeping bag style sleep sack, the CozzySack can also be used in several different ways:

  • as a wheelchair blanket that doesn't leave the back of your legs in the cold or fall off and get tangled in the wheels
  • as a car/airplane blanket that won't only cover a minimal portion of your body (just flip the blanket around, and instead of a pillow case, it covers your torso!),
  • as a stadium blanket that can hold a cushion, 
  • or as a stroller blanket for baby!  

This thing is versatile!

I received a kid's sized pirate themed blanket for my son, as he will take any blanket and claim it to be his.  It's a soft fleece material that is very warm and soft, and has stood up to a three year old dragging it all over the house and in the car.  

I had originally intended it to be a couch/lazy morning blanket, but he had better ideas. It has become his primary everything blanket. When it needs washing, I better have it done by the time he goes to bed, or it's a fight!

Speaking of washing, I wash it in cool water and tumble dry low, and so far I have only experienced minimal pilling (which is to be expected with the type of fabric) and no dulling or bleeding of color.

The white stripes and skulls are still very much white!  I've washed it nearly half a dozen times already, and it is still solidly stitched, and ready for the next adventure with Mischief.

The kid's size is still very generous and I can see this blanket lasting Mischief for years to come, traveling to Grandma and Grandpa's house, and even eventually to a friend's for a sleepover!  I would definitely get a Cozzy Sack for a friend's kid, and there are a bunch of patterns and colors to choose from in their Etsy store, starting at $19.95.

Now, to get him into his bed!

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