Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review: Wexy Bags

Wexy Bags are fun, monster protected, biodegradable snack bags that were "inspired by kids and created by moms".

"Sammy the Surfer eats foods that are gluten- and dairy-free!"
These bags are completely opaque with a fun monster on the front and are BPA free and made in the USA.

Wexy Bags were initially created to help make healthy snacks more appealing to young children by packing them into a friendly monster instead of picking them out of a large, uninspiring bag.

I know that this has been helpful, as Mischief is becoming more and more independent.  I can now portion a snack into these baggies and leave them where he can reach, so he can be a big boy and get his own snack, instead of begging me to get him more grapes and carrots.

I love knowing that he is going to be eating not only what I want him to eat, but not so much as to ruin his supper!

If you go onto their website, they have a section where you can meet the four monsters that grace each bag and find out what each monster prefers for their snack, which is lots of fun for young children!

 Personally, I have used these bags to hold quite a variety of things, from park snacks of crackers and carrots to a toothbrush during travel.

I love the fact that they are BPA free, biodegradable, AND are made in the USA, and I am definitely buying more when I run out.

You can purchase them on their website, or on Amazon for 4.99 for a single box or 12.99 for a three box multipack.

A little wrinkled but still seals tight!
My absolute favorite part about these snack bags is not are they ADORABLE, but they are very durable. I've had one bouncing around my toddler bag for a month now, holding juice concentrate and/or meds, and it is still going strong!

 I really love these bags and it's always wonderful to hear Mischief squee when he sees the colorful monsters.

I've even caught the Mister using them instead of the clear baggies to pack snacks for himself at work!

They hold quite a bit, enough for a snack for three toddlers or one very hungry adult.

I definitely recommend Wexy Bags to anyone with young children (or those who are young at heart!).

Wexy Bags Website
Wexy Bags on Facebook

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