Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review: Love is Art

"Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open does love.  Love is art."
        ~Jeremy Brown, founder of Love is Art

Love is Art is a kit that lets you create a one-of-a-kind abstract canvas painting while being intimate with your partner.  I'd heard of people doing this before, and had always been interested, but never quite sure where to begin getting the supplies for doing so. Now, I know exactly where to get everything I need:

This is a great idea for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Tuesdays, etc.  We decided that it would make a great date night activity.

Shower soap and slippers, instruction booklet, paints, and tube container and stretcher bars.
The kits include a specially treated cotton canvas, all natural, non-toxic paint(s), a clear painters tarp to protect surfaces, two pairs of disposable slippers to keep you from tracking paint all over the house as you make your way to the shower, and a body scrubber.  These kits can range from $60.00 for white canvas with a single color of paint, to $600 for their special gallery edition where they will give it a double layer of epoxy resin coat, stretch, mount, and wire it for you, and more!  What is not included, is their five piece stretcher bar set, which they sell separately for $32.00.

And now to shower!
 The kit we received was one of the Love is Art custom kits which had a black canvas, three colors of paint (gold, white, and purple), two pairs of slippers, a tarp, a body scrubber, champagne scented gel soap, and an instruction booklet.  We also received the stretcher bar set.

Shipping, which they estimate two to five business days, took only two.  It arrived on a Thursday, which meant we had to wait all weekend, anticipating the fun, as our weekly "date night" is Tuesday.


Tuesday evening, I set things up in the living room (the only room with enough space for the 41"x54" canvass, plus tarp).

We had a little bubbly, and had a lot of fun making art.  The fun was not over, though, after the painting was finished in the living room; we still had to go and wash all of the paint off of each other!

The tarp had ample room to catch all the paint splatter, and nothing that wasn't supposed to be painted was.  I was pleasantly surprised by how soft the canvas actually felt.  I was expecting it to be a little scratchy, like canvasses I had worked with before, but this was comfortable.  The paint was also very gentle, and I only got a little bit of a burning feeling when it was drying, though I have EXTREMELY SENSITIVE skin, and the Mr had no problems at all, so it was most likely a me thing.  

The slippers, surprisingly, fit even the Mr's size 12 1/2 foot with room to spare, and have this cool grippy pattern on the soles, so you don't actually slip around the house.

The finished work, waiting to dry.
After waiting two days for our art to dry, we stretched and mounted it.  We probably could have waited just the one day, but we decided to play it safe.  There is a short, instructional video on the website, though if you have any sort of puzzle solving abilities, the process is fairly intuitive.  

All you need is a staple gun, a book with a 90* angle, and less than half an hour of your time

We decided to hang it in our bedroom.
All in all, we were very happy with the Love is Art kit, and will probably order another one for our anniversary.  This was a delightful way to spend an evening with my favorite guy.

Love is Art Website
Love is Art on Facebook

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  1. That is very intriguing. Did you get to pick your colors?

    1. They have a new option where you can pick your colors. I just looked today and saw it.

  2. That sounds like way too much fun... I wonder if I can get my husband interested!?

  3. The finished product is so pretty - love the color choices!

  4. They actually chose those colors, and I think they look really cool, but you can choose your own when you order!