Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: FlipBelt

As I have been telling myself for, oh I don't know - years, I need to exercise more.  I was doing really good during this summer, going to boot camp workouts 3 times a week, hiking, even walking to work on occasion.  Then winter came about and I froze, literally- for a day or two anyway! 

I have slowly been getting back on track, and decided I needed a better way to hold my keys, cards, and phone.  

I do have a hidden pocket in my workout pants that fit my cards and an old iPod if I shove it in, but not my phone.  My phone is a security blanket.  What if I miss a call and I am needed like the superhero I am?? Or more seriously, what if I sprain my foot, again, and need help from a superhero to carry me away?
Turns out my answer just might be this FlipBelt.

Before ordering I researched FlipBelt to see what it was all about.  At first I was confused until I saw the first tab - What is a FlipBelt? - how helpful! 

There are two YouTube videos: FlipBelt - What Is It?, and FlipBelt - How It Works. 

The ‘What Is It’ video gave me hopes that I, too, can be just that fit and confident in my body to wear just my FlipBelt, shorts, and a running bra. 

I like the explanation given in the “How It Works’ video. It is simply and easily described and demonstrated by the presenter. 

I learned that all my belongings would be tucked into inserts on the inside of the belt, before being flipped over. 

I also went through the FAQs, and appreciated the advice given, from using a plastic baggie to cover electronics to keep them from any moisture (the belt itself is not waterproof, as that would result in it also not being breathable), to choosing the right size.  

At the end of the checkout process I was asked if I wanted a free water resistant bag. Uh, Yes! The free bag is a small ziplock bag that fits most smart phones. 

I was expecting more. 

On a positive note, I have found that the size chart is accurate.  I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly on my hips, and comfortable even on my waist.  I would suggest measuring the area you will be wearing your FlipBelt, whether you decide waist or hips, and order that size, as to not order too small.

When ordering I had an issue logging in, though I assume that it may be my computer or my internet connection that slowed me down. Nothing could stop me from getting my new FlipBelt though, I completed the login and ordering process on my cell phone where everything went quickly and smoothly.  

I ordered my FlipBelt in violet, and was overjoyed to see it in the mail two days later! 

Upon opening the package noticed a few things I was not expecting. 

The reflective logo says FlipBelt, which I preferred to the advertised ‘Level Terrain’ logo. Also, there is a cloth woven key fob to hook onto your keys, similar to those found in many handbags. I really like the idea of having my keys hooked in place with no chance of losing them. Both surprises were pleasant!  

The FlipBelt is made of a moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial spandex-lycra blend, and made in the USA. It slides on and is comfortably snug on the hips with no bulkiness, and no bounce.
I also found out that according to the designer, as long as you tumble dry on low heat, the anti-bacterial should stay intact.


Today I went for a 4 mile run on a local bike trail. To truly assess this active-wear accessory, I loaded it up: phone, iPod, ear buds, ID, credit card, car keys and a protein bar . 

During my run I forgot I was wearing it. Forgot! 

As promised no bounce, and no riding up. The access points are easy to reach and everything fit in place- even my phone in its bulky rubberized case.  

The phone was hard to get due to the material of the case, not the size.  This topic is addressed in the FAQs, but I felt the need to test the limits. I believe that is one of my obligations in life itself. (Ha.)  

As far as I am concerned this is a runners staple item. 

I personally don’t mind holding my water as I run, if I even decide to bring water. I can’t imagine it being comfortable any other way. For those wanting a place for their water, another accessory would be necessary.   

I am now thinking of other times I will be able to wear my FlipBelt. I do have a vacation coming up which will include hiking through Yellowstone and a 3 day rock concert. 

I will definitely be wearing my FlipBelt, and may need to get different colors for different outfits - you know that is important. 

I’ve recently tried wearing the FlipBelt under my shirt at my waist and it is only barely noticeable where my phone is, which is great for hands-free low profile travel.  

The only downside to using this as a travel accessory would be easy removal at the airport if you are afraid of looking like you are stripping. (Maybe you’ll get through security faster with this tactic?)

Hands down, this is a must for runners or anyone with an active lifestyle that wants to be hands free in a sleek, stylish and comfortable way. You know you want one!

To get your own FlipBelt in one of 9 colors for only $28.99, head over to their website, or check them out on Facebook. Tell them I said hello!

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  1. What a great item!! My husband said they need to make one with no outward logo, and reflective all the way around, so he can wear at Army PT (regulations..)

    1. Boom.

  2. A reflective one would be great! I really like that it holds the iPod snugly so you can use it on the move!

  3. Really cool item - I like that there is a hook for keys so they won't get lost. I may have to invest in one of these if I get more serious about running.

    1. Yes, there is a hook for keys. This belt is awesome. I'm even thinking about wearing it to work one day to carry all that I have to easily!

  4. It looks like a great product. Thanks so much for sharing with the Let's Get Real party.

  5. I would use this to carry my phone and keys!

  6. This is awesome! I could definitely use one of these for pt! Too bad they have logos.

  7. I definitely need one of these for my increasingly long runs! phone, keys, chapstick, money for post-run coffee with friends, and plenty of tissues...I'm sure it would fit all of that, right? :)

  8. I would carry an extra house key, my debit card, a few dollars cash and my cell phone.... That's about all I would ever need for runs with my dogs which is when I would mostly use this! Thanks for the great review....never heard of these but could definitely use one!

  9. I love the idea! I personally only run when being chased by bears or zombies but I know several people that could really get into this! I agree with Jackie's husband that they should consider making a reflective belt for PT.

  10. i'd carry my phone and my keys. maybe my credit card just in case i wanted to buy something on my run. :)

  11. I would carry my phone, key, and my ipod in my flipbelt.

  12. This is pretty genius! I need/should/hope to start running, but don't have any where to put my phone. I have no excuses after seeing this - thanks for sharing!

  13. Cute pics! I've seen these before but forgot about them! Need to get one because I never know what to do with my phone!