Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Healthy Surprise Subscription Box

My introduction to this subscription box company could not have come at a more perfect time. Just like so many other people, I made New Year’s resolutions that included the same vows year after year. We all know the ones I’m talking about- Eat better, lost weight, hit the gym. So naturally, just like so many other people, by week two I was burnt out and craving cake.

HealthySurprise was precisely what I needed! Just in time, a bright green box showed up in my mailbox. I opened it to find festive tissue paper, like a Christmas gift. I thought it was a nice touch. Under that was an array of delicious looking snacks! What’s even better is the fact that indulging in the contents wouldn’t throw my goals off course!

I received the Starter Box, the smallest of three box options they provide. Each Starter box costs $33, plus $7 shipping and is recommended for 1-2 people. In them, you can expect to find at least 11 fun snacks to discover. 

There was 12 items total in my box. None of the items were sample sizes; they were all full and filling! What’s even better is that out of the 12 products, I had only ever heard of three of the brands!

My husband, as well as my 4-year-old daughter, was extremely excited to see the contents of this box. Chocolate, granola, chips, and fruit- I couldn’t wait to dig right in!

I love sunflower seeds! However, Sprouts Sunflower Seeds were definitely different than what I expected. I’m used to the small, clean, salty ones you find at a gas stations. These were much more…earthy. I liked them, though. My daughter ate most of these. 

I’ve never been a huge fan of almonds by themselves. They tend to be the go-to handful snack when dieting and they don’t have a ton of flavor in my opinion, but Trophy Farms Almonds would be perfect for any almond fan. 

The Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit mix was one of my favorite things in the box. It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. 

The Rawma Bar was interesting. I liked it, but the texture was something I wasn’t used to, that I still haven't identified. My husband joked that it should be in a zombie apocalypse kit. 

Most of the fruit stuff went to my daughter. The very first thing she grabbed when I opened the box was the Tomato Snapz. That was a big surprise! She loved them. I thought they were way to strong. I’m a big fan of tomato products but it was like eating sun-dried tomatoes straight from the bag. 

After she demolished those, she wanted the pineapple Snapz. She loved them both! These all made great after school snacks for her, and I’m so happy to have discovered healthy treats that she enjoys.

We shared the Veggie-Go Berries, Spinach, and Apples Fruit Leather. It was so good! 

She loves the applesauce pouches, so Plum Kids Berry Organic Mashups was all hers. 

Over the course of about a week, my husband and I shared the Alter Ego Noir dark chocolate bar. It was very tasty!

Hail Merry is already one of my favorite companies. I discovered them in another subscription box a few months back. However, I had never tried the blonde macaroons! These were so incredibly tasty! I was sad there were only a few in the pouch. 

The Daily Crave Veggie Chips I’ve also had before and I knew I would like them. 

This last item, Just Pure Foods Maple Cranberry KALEnola, I’m still not sure what to think. I love granola! So I was excited to see some in there. Of course, upon further inspection I discovered that this wasn’t granola; it was KALEnola. 

I opened and smelled it, and then closed it for a few more days. I’ve never been a big fan of Kale, and this was a concept I had never even heard of. Eventually I tried it. It had a little bit of sweetness, and some natural saltiness as well.

It was crunchy just like the granola I was used to. It was one of those situations where I honestly kept eating because I couldn’t decide if I liked it. Once again, my daughter was a big fan, and my husband liked it well enough. Eventually the bag was empty so I guess it wasn’t too bad!

All items in each box are natural, gluten free, vegan, soy free, corn free and wheat free.

Aside from the Starter Box option,  Healthy Surprise also has the Healthy Box and a Combo Box. The Healthy Box is recommended for up to 4 people and contains at least 16 full size items. It costs $60 a month plus $10 shipping. The Combo box includes both the Starter box and the Healthy Box, and costs $95 with free shipping.

Doing a simple Internet search I was able to find each item in my starter box. Their combined cost was roughly $26.50. With it costing $33 plus $7 shipping, that is a little steep. However, I could still see paying for this again as the surprise and convenience seems to make up for the difference! If you have children, and want them to eat healthy snacks, I highly recommend this. No kid could resist new fun snack showing up in the mail! 


  1. The tomato chips sound delicious! I'm going to look for those. I'm also very intrigued by the Kale snack!

  2. I agree with everything Lynda said. I'm super interested in both the tomato crisps and kale!

  3. I love this!!! It is the perfect gift for someone you want to encourage to eat healthy - a sendoff to the college student, newlyweds, a birthday present esp for guys you don't know what to get - what could be better? maybe getting it as a gift for me!!!