Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Bulu Box December

I cannot tell you how much I love subscription boxes. Every month the mailman delivers really awesome samples and new items right to my door! I love trying new things and I get to see what works for my family before committing to it with my money. And, most boxes offer you discounts or points toward purchases for things you were going to buy anyways.

I received my second Bulu Box right before the craziness of the holidays hit. We were headed out the door for vacation, so I tucked it away to break into after the first of the year - conveniently, right at the time when weight loss resolutions are in full swing!

Bulu Box offers two different subscription boxes - original, and weight loss. Last month I reviewed the original Bulu Box, so this month I decided to take a look at the Bulu weight loss box.

While the original Bulu Box provides premium samples for health and nutrition, the weight loss box lives up to its name by providing products that are targeted toward losing weight. There couldn’t be a better box for my New Year’s resolution to get back into shape after baby!

Creative Bioscience: 30 Day Diet is a blend of African Mango and Raspberry Ketones that is meant to give your diet a kickstart and assist you in ditching your cravings for bad food! I have heard that once you “detox” your body from sugar, grease, and other foods that we come to crave, its easier to say no to them in the future. This sounds like a really great way to give yourself an extra boost, especially after the overindulgence of the holidays (or was that just me?).

Mestrength is described as “clean, efficient fuel for your body”. It provides pre- or post- workout hydration with no caffeine and the addition of creatine. My husband works out at the gym five days a week and he snapped that right up! 

The box came with two samples - he just added the packet to his bottle of water. He said the taste was decent and he definitely felt more awake during his lifting, so this product gets a thumbs up. When you subscribe to Bulu Box you earn points for reviewing the products in your box, which can be used like cash in the store! I think our point cash will be going towards a box of these.

Barleans Omega Swirl is a delicious alternative to Omega 3 pills. Omega 3’s are amazing for energy, healthy, and weight loss. They have also been proven to help hair, skin and nails! This product got great reviews in the Bulu Shop, and it didn't disappoint. Technically this is a fish oil but you’d never know that by the taste. It went into my morning smoothie and was a great way to get some of the nutrients without taking another pill.

Tapaz 2 Go is by far my favorite product in this box. It's a single serve pouch of lentil crackers with a tub of hummus. It is gluten and GMO free, and incredibly easy to take with you anywhere! We love hummus in our family (even our two year old will eat it, if you can believe that) and this would be such a great snack to take on the go with us, or to even leave in the car for the times you are on the run longer than you expected. It certainly beats drive through food.

Once again, Bulu Box delivered some really great items that I fell in love with, but would have never thought to buy on my own. If you love to discover new products that help you feel great and lose weight, Bulu Box is definitely for you! All the products you see here, plus a large selection of other products, are available full size in the Bulu Box Shop.

Bulu Box is offering a limited time code that will give 50% off any subscription order.  If you go to Bulu Box and select your subscription, enter the code: BULUGAN589  . You can get a one year subscription for just $55. That works out to $4.50 per box SHIPPED! That's a great deal. Even if you don't love every sample you receive, you can give them to someone in your life - and its always fun to get mail no matter what! Here’s to a new year! 

I received no monetary compensation for this review, however I was provided with the product for free for purposes of review.  All opinions are my own. Click here see our full disclosure policy.


  1. Amazing! I'm curious how the 30 day diet supplements work, please keep us updates! The lentil chips and hummus look great. I will be looking into those :)

  2. Great review! I am also curious about the 30 day diet. Can't wait to hear how it worked!

  3. The Lentil Crackers and Hummus sound really good! The subscription discount makes this a good bargain - thanks for sharing!