Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Sweet Pea Box PART ONE

Reviewer: Jackie Snider

I had never been a shop-o-holic for clothes. Then I had a daughter.

It became a sickness. I just loved new clothes for her. I didn’t care if they were brand new, given to me, thrift shop, yard sales, etc. Of course actually caring for the small child left little time to do the shopping.

At Sweet Pea Box they take all the work out of getting amazing new clothes for your little ones. Once a month you can have a box of 4,6, or 8 items shipped right to your door.

I was asked for my daughter’s age, size, gender and a style preference. Sizing was really difficult to decide because my daughter is VERY tall, yet has almost no waist. For her arms and legs we normally have to get 3t-4t. However if length isn’t an issue, I can still fit her into 12-18m shorts/skirts. It’s insane. So I was a little nervous!

As for style I was given the option of athletic, comfy, country, princess, playful, preppy, and hipster. I told them I’d love a mix except for country (I really don’t like ruffles and such) When signing up through their website you can also choose color preference (brights, pastels, darks, whites, earth tones, and Any) as well as leave the stylist any additional requests of clothing to add or even exclude.

When the box arrived it was very exciting. My daughter absolutely loves getting mail for herself! When we check the mail she will ask ‘but did you check if there is anything for me?’ I think she thinks she has her very own mailbox and it makes her really sad on days there is nothing for her.

She immediately had to try them on. It was a box of 6 pieces, which came in the form of three adorable outfits.

This was her favorite of them all, probably because of the tutu aspect. It is a shirt with a tutu and a faux sweater (it is all sewn together as one piece) and plain black leggings. It all fit her well. The pants were certainly loose around the waist but since they are leggings they stay on just fine.

This was my favorite in the box. It looks really good on her and fits well. The sleeves are a little long but it still looks really cute. It comes with black leggings with a small grey flower to match the long sleeve shirt.

While we all thought this outfit was very cute, it was just too wide for her small frame. Hailey chose a friend that she wanted to give it to for Christmas, and it fit that girl perfectly. It was a really thick, warm top and funky matching leggings.

I really liked that they were all leggings as that really helped them fit her without having to put drastically different sizes together. I also liked that they were seasonally conscious and all included warm long sleeved tops. I do wish there was a little more diversity in the bottoms. Two pieces were black leggings, one just had a small grey flower on it.

This box would have cost $40. I find that to be more than reasonable for 3 whole outfits, especially of that quality. I didn’t notice with all of them, but I did see that one had a ‘suggested retain price’ of $46, so you know these are not cheap clothes. A 4-piece box would cost just $30, and the 8 pieces would run $50.

I contacted the company once with a concern I had. Two of the outfits still have store tags on them, while one not only didn’t have a new tag, but the inside clothing tag was also roughly cut out with scissors. The website says all clothing is 100% new, so I was a little confused by that. They pointed me to a disclaimer on their site which states that some distributors require this if they have a brick and mortar store. That way customers wouldn't be able to get them from the box and return them to a store for much more than they got them through Sweet Pea Box. It makes complete sense to me.

I definitely recommend this subscription box to any parent out there. They have sizes ranging from 0-3 months all the way to size 8. You can get for both girls and boys, and you can even split the box between siblings! It is like having a personal shopper for your children that will supply you with adorable, good quality clothes, and best yet- it’s a surprise!

I do wish that there were an option for shoes as well, though.

Keep an eye out for Part Two next month, as I will be reviewing consistency in the products! I can’t wait to buy this box for my daughter again and again! They definitely have a forever customer in me.

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  1. My Bugaboo loves the leggings from the outfit she got from this box. The sweater fit her well, but had a zipper that went up the top third of the back into the neck. She found that to be irritating and would only wear it for a short time. I could see that the clothes were very well made and of good quality. The colors are still very vibrant after washing several times and the knees of the leggings do not bag out quickly like some others tend to. I am looking into a subscription to this company! Great Review Jackie!

  2. Thanks Lauren, I can't wait to receive the second box. I plan on probably getting one at the beginning of each season's change!

  3. This is such a brilliant idea! Where were these guys when my kids were little? I can't wait to see part 2! The black and white outfit is adorable!

  4. Aww this is such a cute idea. All those outfits are adorable!

  5. Love this idea, seems like a great deal!

  6. This is a handy service! Anything getting mailed to the house rather than going out gets a thumbs up from me haha.