Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Review and Giveaway: Gramma in a Box

Gramma. For me, just the word conjures up images of comforting old women and the enticing smell of something baking in the kitchen. My grandma always has a freezer in the basement full of cookies and other baked goods that she insists we bring home every time we visit. Holidays meant that her kitchen counters would be packed full of freshly made cookies, waiting to be enjoyed. And if you came over while she was baking, you got to help!

These were always fond memories for me, and while most of my dozen cousins can still enjoy going to Grandma's house, I now live 2,000 miles away (well, 1,965, but who's counting?). I have to say, especially around this time of year, I miss going to Grandma's.

I have found one way to help combat the lack of Grandma, and that is Gramma in a Box. Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers all the things you need to make up to 20 cookie and candy treats. This means that the cookies, frosting, sprinkles, and nearly all the little bits you need to make them are included, usually with a seasonally appropriate theme!

Gramma in a Box is $20/month if you are only ordering on a month to month basis, but offers a few ways to save some for a reoccurring delivery.

I was fortunate enough to receive the December box for review, and to make up a few delicious holiday treats with my kids.

The festively decorated box arrived and I have to admit, I loved the stickers that covered the outside of the package! It even contained a helpful “best by” sticker, as well as a reminder to put the box in the fridge if you aren't using it right away.

Inside the well packed box was a card outlining the projects, individual detailed project cards which include ingredients lists on the backs, a contents list, crushed peppermints, candy canes, three different kinds of sprinkles, three colors of frosting, melting chocolate, marshmallows, red hots, cornflakes, and cookies, as well as a couple sheets of parchment paper to help contain messes and paper cups for the wreath treats.

It was a lot of stuff tetrised neatly into the box, and I was actually impressed by how well it all fit.  Nothing arrived crushed or crumpled.

The three treats to be made in this month's box were Hot Chocolate Treats, Holly Wreaths, and Winter Cookies.

The Hot Chocolate Treats and Holly Wreaths had you melt the chocolate wafers in a microwave in the directions, but I don't have a microwave and haven't for years, so I did it the old fashioned way and melted it in a double boiler rig using a small pot and a heat safe bowl on the stove top.

Being a grown woman who has lots of experience baking and creating in the kitchen, none of these projects took me more than 5 minutes after I got the chocolate melted.

Once you include children in the mix, as I did with my son for some of the cookies when he got home from school that day, it might have taken longer, but still a short enough time to hold their interest.

Even though the treats didn't take long to make (thanks to everything having been prepped), I still had lots of fun putting them together.

The cookies come pre-baked, making this a decoration project with no time needed to mix, bake and cool the cookies.

I actually appreciated that I didn't have to measure out ingredients or worry about baking the cookies, especially when kids are in the mix! It was really nice to have everything at hand; they really mean it when they say “Gramma does all the work. You have all the fun!”.

Not only were these goodies fun to make, they tasted great too! I had to have a plate of yummies after I finished making them, complete with some hot cocoa!

Gramma in a Box is really a fun little box that kids of all ages can enjoy making and eating!  Gramma in a Box is letting us give away a January box to one of our readers in the US - it goes out on Jan 3rd, just in time to be waiting for you on that inevitable first snow day after the kids go back to school.

Read on to see how you can enter to win!


One winner in the US will win the January Gramma in a Box (value $20.00).
This Giveaway ends at just before midnight ET December 30, 2018

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Giveaway Tools Entry Form below. This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning. (If you don't leave a comment, any additional entries will be void.)

The winner will be notified by email 24 to 48 hours after the end of the giveaway by email. In order to claim the giveaway prize, the winner will need to respond within 24 hours of notification, or an alternate winner will be selected.

Good luck!


  1. Super sweet! My kids love to help in the kitchen and this would take much of the stress and mess out of that.

  2. Peanut butter cookies and fudge remind me of the packages my Nana would send from other side of the country. She had a special glass she used to make the imprint on top.

  3. Her cheesecake recipe always reminds me of her.

  4. This is so cute. My gramma used to make twisty noodles that were really good.natbelinsky@verizon.net

  5. I learned that there is enough in each box to make up to 20 finished products.

  6. I learned that the monthly Gramma in a Box includes baked cookies with frosting and sprinkles as well two easy candy crafts to make - enough to make up to 20 finished products in each box. I remember my own grandma baking lots of cookies for the holidays.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  7. homemade banana bread reminds me of my granny!


  8. My grandma wasn't a baker but my favorite thing she made was cornbread fritters and fried potatoes. This is such a cool thing.

  9. I learned that this is recommended for children ages 4 and older!

  10. My Nanny used to always make me sweet potato pies with toasted coconut on top.

  11. I miss my grandma! But my favorite treat that she made was lace cookies! I have tried to make them myself, but can't get them the same way she did.

  12. I learned that Most boxes have a holiday theme and the candy and cookie projects will reflect that theme. Super fun!

  13. neat idea. My grandma was always making pies & jellies & jams- not many cookies

  14. My grandma use to make the best peanut butter cookies

  15. My granddaughter band I love baking Christmas cookies but together

  16. What a great idea! I love the convenience of having all items needed in one box.

  17. These are so awesome. My grandma use to make all kinds of homemade treats for Christmas. My sister luckily gave me many of the recipes. My sister and I get together every year around Christmas to bake some of the same things grandma once made. Her pecan bonbons is a huge favorite.

  18. I learned that this box was developed when three of her grandchildren moved to Seattle. This is such a great idea.

  19. Unfortunately I didn't get to spend much time with my grandma growing up but I did get to see her when I was 19 for a little bit before she passed away in 2009 I miss talking to her.

  20. Turron makes me think of my grandmothers. They used to make it when I was younger and I have never had it again the same.

  21. I stayed with my Mamaw Davis all of the time; she taught me how to garden, can veggies and fruit, bake pies.... She kept me busy lol; I miss her so much!

  22. I have fond memories of making traditional Norwegian treats with my Grandma at Christmastime. Krumkake was a definite favorite of mine.

  23. I took care of my grandmother until she passed away a couple of years ago from dementia. My daughter got to enjoy her being with us for the first 5 years of her life and misses her so much. I think this is something that she would really enjoy!

  24. I miss my grandmother so much she used to make a wonderful assortment of cookies for us at Christmas they covered her whole kitchen table she let us kids help or rather eat the dough and decorate is was a wonderful time she was the best miss her everyday

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