Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tyed by DeDe Candles (Review)

Tyed by DeDe is a website where you can get a little bit of everything. For the most part they sell ties for kids and adults. (Is there anything more cute than a little kid in a bowtie?!)

You can also find several accessories you would need for a fancy outfit or wedding ensemble. Tie clips, Lapel Flower Pins, Tees, Hats, Tie Bars, Etc.

They also sell Candles.

When navigating their website, I found this very confusing because it looks to be an all clothing/accessory website, and then at the very bottom there are candles. At first glance, it appears to be only one candle, but if you click on the candle link and it takes you to a drop down with 4, 6, and 8 ounce candles in various scents.

They have the option for a 4 oz candles in a variety of scents, but there is no pricing on them so I am not really sure if they are actually for sale or not.

However once you click on "purchase" you then see a charge of $4.99.  6 oz candles run $6.99 and 8 oz candles run $8.99, so this may simply be a case of the website not being entirely proofread.

These candles come in nine different scents ranging from vanilla to some exotic scent options, like Jamaican Me Crazy! They are made with 100% soy and premium essential oils.

But then things get more confusing.

When on their Facebook page, I got a completely different understanding than on their website.

It looks as though on Facebook they offer seven different candles and they are all priced at $9.00.

There is no size listed, I am not sure why they differ in price and size from website to website but it is something to think about when purchasing.

For review, I was offered my choice of scented candle - I selected  the Mango Papaya scent.
When I emailed their customer service via Facebook, I was told the candle was $9.99, so as of right now, I really do not know what the true and accurate pricing is for this product.

With so much confusion between the websites and email, this would turn me away from purchasing just based on this fact.

In addition, the product I received looked nothing like the candles that they have on either of their websites.

The ones that are featured on their sites show clear or black candles with a cute sticker "My name is ____" with the flavor labeled on it.

The one I received was a metal container with a Tyed by DeDe sticker on it. There was a little label on top that said the scent and that it was made in Brooklyn, NY.

The candle burns fine, like your typical candle does, it smells really nice when burning.  Once I blew the candle out, maybe after two hours, I was still able to smell it throughout my living room for a while.  The color of the wax was really pretty, too, although it was hidden inside the metal tin.

These would make a fine gift if there were one of two differences - it needs to be bigger in size or cheaper in price!  Especially since the decor value is minimal, given that it is overtaken by the company logo.

For me candles need two qualities, good long-lasting scent and reasonable price. I am a pretty simple girl who likes to find great smelling candles for cheap, and let me tell you, they are out there! I have found my favorite candles at Walmart for under $6 and for a 16oz at that.

Tyed by DeDe's candle did smell great either lit or unlit (cap off of course), so they've got the good scent part down, but $8-$9.99 for a tiny little candle? That would be a big no from me! I would definitely pass on purchasing this in the future.

All that said - if you have a little boy in need of an adorable tie or suspenders - definitely check  them out!

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