Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kebabs with Cave Tools Stainless Skewers (Review)

Cave Tools is back at it again! I always joke that my cupboards look like they are sponsored by Cave Tools and the more I review, the more and more it is true! I am now on my 5th product from them, and again am not disappointed!!

This time around I chose to review their 17" Stainless Steel BBQ Skewers... Kebabs anyone?

Now the kebabs I have had in the past come on the bamboo round skewers full of meat and veggies. I am always worried with those type of kebabs that I would get splinters in my food when I pushed them down the stick, and that is if you can even get it to come down, because most times it sticks.

You have to soak the sticks in water for a couple hours before you cook with them so they do not burn... ugh how inconvenient!

Well, Cave Tools has done what they do best - they have taken a simple product, and revamped it!

These skewers are 100% Stainless Steel.  They are flat in shape so you don't have to worry about them rolling when you put them on the grill, and they have this really cool ring at the top that pushes the food down for you!

Along with all those cool features, these 10 skewers come in this sweet little red bag that you can hang right on your BBQ for next time! It is really nice to have the bag to put them in, so they are not taking up a whole drawer.

My one main criticism (well my husband's since he was the one actually BBQing) was that they are all metal so when it comes time to flipping, you really have no other option but to get an oven mitt to protect you from burning yourself.

If I could give one suggestion to Cave Tools, it would be to have some sort of silicone holder at the end that you can grasp.

It was actually really tough for my husband to flip them over, because our oven mitts are apparently fluffy, so when he went to grab, he couldn't get underneath it. He used a little ingenuity and took a spatula to lift it up into his oven mitt and flip it.

A little inconvenient for the cook, but overall a pretty satisfying product otherwise. I really enjoyed the ease of the ring to push the food off - - completely genius!

As with all their products, these are a dishwasher safe product with a lifetime guarantee.  The ten skewers with bag costs only $17.99! I would buy this product in a heartbeat. This price is great for the quality that you are getting. Check out their website and see what other things you can add to your collection! I know I have my eye on a few more things!

So with all of my reviews from Cave Tools, I have included a recipe.

Well guess what? I have come up with three separate recipes to make your next set of  kebabs!  In each case, you could make skewers of meat only, or thread the meat with a variety of vegetables and fruit, such as pineapple.

Lemon Pepper Chicken
This recipe is a simple one using a store bought marinade from Lawry's.

1 full bottle of Lawry's marinade
3 large boneless chicken breasts, cut into cubes

Let the chicken soak for about 2 hours in the marinade and then add to your skewers.

Dry Rubbed Steak
This one is a dry rub that crusts the outside when seared.

1/2 a trimmed Tri Tip, cut into cubes (trimmed of excess fat that is always on the backside of a tritip)
A handful of Gourmet Prime Rib Seasoning (we get ours from Costco, soooo good)
2-3 dashes of Cayenne Pepper
A dash of Garlic Salt
2-3 dashes of Seasoning Salt

Mix this all up and generously rub all over the meat cubes. Let it sit in the fridge for about 2 hours and then add to your skewers.

Green Steak
This one is a mix of some fresh veggies and herbs. It pairs really well with onions and peppers.

I used my hand processor for this, but if you do not have one, just dice it up as small as you can so it can infuse all the flavors together

a handful of Cilantro, stems and all
1/2 a medium size Red Onion
5 cloves of Garlic
A dash of Oil to make it a little easy to spread onto the steak
1/2 a trimmed Tri Tip, cut into cubes

Get all the ingredients except the steak into your mixer and puree until it is all mixed up. Add to the steak cubes, and let it sit in the fridge for about 2 hours and then add them onto your skewers.

I hope you try and make your own skewers and mix it up a little bit!

You can really go any direction with your veggies but I will tell you what I had on mine just so you have an idea.

For the Lemon Chicken and the Dry Rubbed Steak, I added sliced red onions, sliced red and yellow bell peppers and mushrooms.

For the Green Steak, I added all of the above but also added pineapple onto my skewers as well.

If you're serving several people, you could even lay out a buffet of kebab items and let each person thread their own skewer! Just be careful to provide utensils so that multiple fingers aren't touching raw meat and the various vegetables without washing.

You really can season, marinade or choose how to cook these! BBQ is the best, but you can bake kebabs as well.

I have a bunch of kiddos, so we paired our skewers with some Mac and Cheese and some corn. As with any BBQ item, the side dishes are endless.

What's your favorite way to use skewers? We'd love to hear from you!

You can buy these Cave Tools Skewers from Amazon or directly on Cave Tools website - and if you purchase from their website, you can have them at a 15% discount when you use the code SKEWERS15 when you check out!


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