Thursday, March 30, 2017

Review/Giveaway: Zim's Max Crack Creme

If the bottoms of your feet and heels resemble a topographical map of the surface of Mars, you need Zim’s Max Crack Creme.

My feet have looked like that for years. Hard callouses, rigid, thickened skin and ravine-like cracks — especially on my heels — have been with me for years. Along the backs of my ankles lay strips of dried, dead, discolored skin,  dark, rough and seemingly permanent.

Then my wife, Lynda, received some Max Crack Crème to review, and after using it a little while on her hands, suggested I give it a try on my feet.

Warning! Ugly feet pictures ahead!

I warned you!
I didn't have high hopes - like I said, I was sure this was a permanent problem for me. Zim’s, despite my initial skepticism, put an end to all that.

After 1 week - softer surrounding skin, cracks no longer 'raw'.
After less than two months it’s made my feet almost normal again. The dead cells along the backs of my ankles sloughed off with just a little scrubbing after just a week of treatment.

And over the next six weeks or so, the cracks closed up and the skin became softer.

The heels are still thickened, and that might just be a natural result of wearing shoes; but they are much, much better, and I think I can continue to improve them by using a pumice stone and continuing to use Max Crack Crème.

Zim’s products are all-natural, and cover a wide range of skin-care needs: moisturizing, pain relief, diabetic care and wound care, to name a few.

Max Crack Crème is meant for any part of the body where skin is subject to drying and cracking, including hands and fingers as well as feet. (And needless to say, it quickly took care of winter dryness on my wife's hands before she turned it over to me.)

It comes in an oily liquid formula and a creamy gel version. Ideally, you should use the two in tandem — the creamy daytime formula during the day when it can be held close to the skin by socks or gloves, and the liquid formula just before bed.

That’s just how I used it for my feet. I rubbed the cream on my heels and ankles each morning, just before getting dressed, and the liquid just before going to bed. (I could have used multiple applications during the day, but I didn’t want to be taking my socks and shoes off frequently while working.)

After a week of use, I used a washcloth in the shower to scrub off the dead cells behind my ankles, and they washed right off like so much dirt. This after years of my looking at them and sighing in frustration.

I tried not to track progress on the cracks too closely, checking just once a week or so. I noticed visible improvement each week, until just before writing this review, when the latest pictures in this review were taken.

Now, while I have seen much improvement, I'm not done yet. I plan to continue using the product to maintain it.

After 6 weeks, amazing progress!
I will make one minor observation - the all-natural ingredients, including Arnica Oil, that make up these product are not scent-free. There is a noticeable scent that is pretty strong on application - it's not chemical, and in fact I think it smells pretty good. It settles down after a few minutes, but it was a surprise at first and may mean you want to give yourself a few minutes before heading out in public.

Zim's Max Crack Crème is readily available in the nearby grocery store, but you can also buy it online direct from the company or other online retailers, and is very reasonably priced. Zim’s products are all described as either all-natural or “natural-based,” and the company does not test them on animals.

In my opinion, Zim’s is one of those rare products that delivers on its promised results and even exceeds expectations. Zim's has been around for 60 years, and the pharmacist who originally developed their line of products was specifically seeking a solution to the cracked skin issues of local cement workers - it's a hardworking solution to a tough problem.

If your skin is in need of care, give it a try.  Two of our US readers will each be receiving a tube of the Daytime Formula and a bottle of the Original/Nighttime formula, courtesy of Zims! Read on to see how you can enter to win this Giveaway.

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Good luck!


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