Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Review: Pipsticks Stickers (Discount Code)

I'm a recovering scrapbooker. And only 'recovering' because I simply don't have the time or space I once did. However, I still have BOXES upon boxes of supplies.

Now, I have two daughters, and they just love finding my stickers! I”m happy to share but sometimes I remember the boutique prices I paid for many of them and cringe a bit while watching them overlapping them one after the other on a single sheet of paper.

My oldest daughter, Hailey (7) is better at using them to create actual pictures while my 2 year old, Penny mostly just enjoys the actual sticking process and doesn't care where they go, or what the end product looks like.

She can clear a full sheet in a matter of seconds. For that reason, the price of stickers REALLY matter to me.

So, I was really excited to discover Pipsticks! It is a subscription box..erm, envelope, filled with stickers and paper goods. I feel like this is everything that has always been missing in my life! I'm so grateful it is now, and my kids and I had so much fun with ours this month!

They have a few different tiers/styles that I'll mention later. We reviewed the Kid's Club Classic.

Their website lists its components as :

15+ sheets of stickers
1 postcard
4 sheets of craft paper
1 Sticker Club newsletter
1 fun coloring sheet
1 VIP raffle ticket

All for $14.95!

I was sent the January pack. When our fun vellum envelope arrived, we couldn't wait to see the goods! We counted exactly 15 sheets of stickers, in varying sizes and themes which was really fun.

Not only were they different themed, but they were different styles! The pandas were big and puffy, the strawberries were scratch and sniff, the flowers and owls were sparkly, etc. My kids both agreed that their favorites were the realistic kittens.

As promised, there was a postcard. It's blank on one side, and the other side had lines for an address and was even already stamped, ready to send once decorated! I thought that was incredibly cool.

The four sheets of craft paper were thin like computer paper and came in bright colors.

My oldest daughter claimed the dinosaur coloring page (which is on the back of the newsletter) as her own.

I noticed that the newsletter says to take a pic of the finished coloring and email it to them to enter a coloring contest.

I didn't bother with it as I was sent the January pack in February and the winner was likely already chosen.

The raffle ticket was a cool idea (and smart marketing!) You are to hold onto it, and the winner will be announced in the next month's newsletter. It doesn't specify what the prize is but great incentive to purchase the following month. To be honest, however, I'd surely lose them month to month.

The kids enjoyed many hours with this single pack before it was depleted. I believe it to be well worth the price, and I absolutely will be purchasing this again!

As mentioned, this one was the Kids Classic and retails for $14.95.

They also have a smaller children's pack called Kid's Club Petite. The petite version comes with half has many sticker packets and craft papers which retails for $9.95

But stickers aren't just for kids!!

There are also two similar tiers for adult packages as well. The larger of the two, the Pro Club Classic, costs $14.95 and comes with:

15+ sheets of stickers
1 postcard
1 quote card
1 Sticker Club newsletter
1 VIP raffle ticket
Fun re-usable packaging

I have definite plans for checking this out as well, and know it will come in handy when I get back into my own crafting.

Additionally, there is the Pro Club Petite with the same products, however the quote card is mini and there is half as many sticker sheets, which costs $9.95.

On top of this recurring monthly surprise, they also have a shop section where you can purchase exactly what you want. You can get a pack of just hearts, or stars, or puffy stickers only, or vehicles, etc. There also seems to be tons of sets for making party gift bags and such. Some packs even come with stationary, or washi tape. Many of these packs cost a bit above the monthly subcription.

Thanks to the mom of four that created this wonderful company, I will always have the tools needed to get a few minutes of peace.

If you'd like to check out Pipsticks, they are offering our readers a generous 20% discount! 
Enter RCHREVIEWS to receive 20% off the first month of ANY regular (non-gift) subscription.


  1. All the pipsticks stickers are so beautiful, creative, and motivational for others. Children love these kinds of activities. you are really doing a great job by giving them an opportunity to grow.

  2. Hours of fun for sure! I had a binder full of stickers and finally sold them at a yard sale. My sticker days are gone. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. wonderful way to keep children engaged. Thanks for joining The Bloggers Pit Stop

  4. What a nice idea! Wish they had a service like this when my kids were little. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

  5. Kids love stickers and so do I! Thanks for sharing with us at #OvertheMoon link party I wonder what you surprise will be? Have a lovely day

  6. These are super cute! My daughters would use these.


  7. What a cute subscription. My kids love coloring and stickers! Thanks for joining the Family Joy Link Party!

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