Monday, February 13, 2017

Strawberry-Banana Chocolate Fried Wontons

Are you looking for a very fast, easy Valentine's Day dessert that looks and tastes amazing?  Let me suggest these delicious fried morsels.  Start to finish, it took me about twenty minutes to put together eight of these (just right for two).  Of course, making more would be just a matter of a few minutes more work.

Strawberry-Banana Chocolate Fried Wontons
(makes 8)

16 wonton wrappers
2 tablespoons (approx.) strawberry preserves
1 banana, sliced (there will be leftover banana - eat it!)
8 squares dark chocolate (I used NibMor Extreme)
cooking oil for frying

I find that when doing a dish that requires repetitious cooking in batches, it because really important to prep your workspace at the start, so that you can quickly work through the assembly process.

So, before you get started, prep a pot for deep frying with about 2" of oil (or use a deep fyer if you have one), and get the following in place:

Slice a banana at a slight angle, divide a chocolate bar into squares, and have at ready a dish of strawberry preserves with a spoon.

On a small plate, under a damp paper towel, have 16 or more wonton wrappers.  Set a small bowl of water near the wontons.

Line a pie plate with paper towels, and set it aside to hold the fried wontons, and get a plate to fill and prepare the wontons on.

Ok, ready?

Heat oil to 350F in pot. (Use frying thermometer.)

On plate, lay out one wonton, then  dab with a little strawberry preserves, a square of chocolate, and finally, a banana slice.

Wet finger in bowl of water and then run it around the edges of the wrapper.  Top with a second wrapper, and seal the edges.

Because of the thickness of the filling, I found it hard to line up the two wontons neatly, so I sealed the opening and then folded over two corners to make them look better.

One or two at a time, lower prepared wontons into oil and fry for a minute or two, turning once.   Pay close attention - this doesn't take very long at all.

Remove with spatula, drain, and set aside on paper towel lined pie plate.

Continue with the rest.

These can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature.

If desired, these could be dusted with powered sugar but I found them to be very rich from the chocolate and fruit, and wouldn't want to diffuse that flavor with unneeded sugar.

You could also leave out the preserves, and heat some preserves up as a warm sauce to serve with these.  Either way, the strawberry preserves really play well with the dark chocolate.

I hope you treat yourself and those you love to something special this Valentine's Day!

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  1. what a great treat not something you see every day but it looks so tasty and awesome
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