Friday, January 20, 2017

Review: Teasia K-Cup Teas

Hello there! Resident Tea Hoarder Lauren here. I have been so fortunate over these last two years as a reviewer for RCH to try out some seriously delicious teas! I was so excited to test out these awesome K-cup teas from Teasia.

Teasia makes eight different teas in convenient K-cups for your Keurig Brewer. They offer a Floral Series which consists of Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Black Tea, Lemongrass Rooibos Tea and Chamomile Mint.

The Formosa Series consists of Green Tea, Oolong, Roasted Oolong and Black Tea. You can purchase the teas individually or in a variety pack. They are sold 36 cups to the box, but the cool thing is that each cup can be used twice!!

I received the Floral Series Variety pack. The packaging is very attractive with detailed information about each tea in the box.

I tried the Rose Black Tea first. The smell is incredible and the brew comes out nice and strong. The rose flavor was a little too much for me, but they only use all natural ingredients so it wasn't an artificial flavor, just a  strong perfume taste.

The Jasmine Green tea is delicious and my favorite is the Chamomile Mint. It is great for a bedtime tea.

I personally don't care for Rooibos tea. They all taste like the smell of pipe tobacco in my opinion. My husband is a fan of it though and he enjoyed the Lemongrass Rooibos.

As I mentioned above, each K-cup can be brewed twice! The second brew on a single cup comes out slightly weaker in taste and color but that is to be expected. I still found the tea to be very enjoyable.

Teasia uses all natural ingredients and each tea undergoes a strict process to ensure the highest quality in each cup.

The company is also very active with charity support and environmental awareness.
"Teasia© is dedicated in serving its community and environment. With the purchase of every box of Teasia Tea, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support charities in the areas of environment, education, healthcare and poverty. Help us give back!"
If you love the speed and convenience of your Keurig Brewer and you also love tea, then Teasia K-cups are a wonderful match!

A box of 36 cups sells for $23.40 on the Teasia website and are also available for purchase via Amazon.

The folks at Teasia have been kind enough to offer our readers a Free Shipping Code for purchases on their website!!

Just enter FSRCHREVIEWS when purchasing through their website to get free shipping!


  1. Oh wow I love tea and coffee so I have a Keurig I wasn't aware that there were K cups for tea! I've using a reusable filter with my own blend of tea but this would be much faster! Thanks for sharing! #ProductReviewParty

  2. I never knew there are K cups for tea! I love tea, so I need to look into getting a Keurig now.


  3. The Jasmine Green Tea sounds amazing, but I bet all the flavors are terrific. I'll have to pick up some for our Keurig!

  4. I will have to try out the Jasmine Green Tea. I am doing a fitness challenge now so I am drinking a ton of Green Tea each day.