Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Harrison Blake Apparel: December Unboxing

I dressed up nicely for a wicked witch a few days ago. She was green.

The occasion was a performance of the Broadway play Wicked at the Kennedy Center in Washington. The tickets were our Christmas gift to each other, and we picked a show date well in the future from when we bought them, and somehow ended up with front row seats.

I wore the second set of accessories that I had received from Harrison Blake Apparel.

This one, their December set, was based on golds and browns — a brown tie with white polka dots, gold and blue striped socks and a coordinating pocket square. The set also included a tasteful boutonniere, which worked well with the rest, and a bracelet made of wooden beads.

That last item seemed out of place. It’s wrong for any kind of business or formal occasion, and wrong for almost any man who isn’t also wearing Vans and carrying a surfboard.

So, I left the bracelet out of my ensemble, but used all the other items with my charcoal grey pinstripe suit.

Just as with the November box, all the items are well made and coordinate perfectly.

Against a neutral shirt further set off with light grey suspenders, they added splashes of contrast and created visual interest. We attended the play in high style and felt very much a part of the Kennedy Center set.

Having received two sets from Harrison Blake, I can say their items are consistently quality, and appropriate for any business or semi—formal occasion.

Just be prepared to have an occasional oddity that doesn’t really fit.  My wife snagged the bracelet, so it all worked out fine.

The show was spectacular, with surreal sets, effective special effects and marvelous performances from all of the actors and the orchestra.

It was our first experience at the Kennedy Center, but will not be our last.  Wicked has now moved on from DC to tour around the country.  If you have the opportunity to catch it this year, you should.

As noted in my previous review, the Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription Box is available for $25 per month, and each box includes a tie along with a coordinated collection of other items, providing the well dressed man with an easy way to build up an interesting collection of accessories to round out his wardrobe.

Harrison Blake is offering $10 off the first two months of a subscription for RCH readers. Use code RCH when ordering. 



  1. That bracelet (and your words about it) gave me a giggle! It is pretty, and I'd wear it.. certainly not fitting with the outfit items!

  2. Wow, this is a great subscription box. If hubby wasn't retired I would sign up with a swiftness. #ProductReviewParty

  3. Nice Harrison Blake box and review Michael #ProductReviewParty

  4. Michael, I would love to see Wicked and I am so jealous! One day I hope to go. And although I won't be in a shirt and tie I hope to look as stylish as you! Love the ensemble it's very well put together.

  5. What a lovely boutonniere and I'm glad someone wore that bracelet ;) Thanks for sharing this with us at Funtastic Friday!

  6. Not sure how that bracelet made it in, but i'm glad to have learned of this service! Looks good sir.


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  7. You really look nice! Love the tie and the boutonniere. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. I never seen Wicked before but heard good things about it. Looking sharp again Michael! I love a man that dresses well!


  9. I think I would of grab that bracelet too, it is pretty cool. The bracelet didn't match the rest of the items in the box but I think that is a bonus for the wife! #productreviewparty

  10. Maybe they want you to look stylist AND be a gentleman. So here's a gift for your lady friend ;)