Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Lab Rat Gifts: Science Ties and Science T-Shirts

Neckties are an odd custom, when you think about it. Who was it that decided that men’s dress should include a piece of cloth tied tightly around the neck and dangling over the abdomen like a misplaced bib? Whatever the answer to that question might be, men wear ties in many semi-formal settings such as the office, church or special occasions. 

Lab Rat Gifts (read Jess' recent review here!) has a set of ties designed for the science-minded man under the label Science Ties.

For this review, the company provided three: One showing the lunar surface, one adorned with a variety of symbols and images associated with medicine, and one with a clever computer pun. 

Lab Rat also included two t-shirts from their other partnership, Science T-Shirts.

All of the items are of high quality. The ties are handmade from silk and tie easily, while retaining their shape. I requested extra long ties due to my height, and the ones I got were easily long enough to hang properly for me.

The t-shirts likewise were well-made and fit just about in line with the indicated size. Due to some recent weight gain that I’m hoping to reverse soon, they’re just a little too snug for me to wear comfortably right now, but I will save them until I shed a few pounds and then I expect to wear them regularly.

Aside from the items I received, the company has many more designs. It’s hard to mention any of them because so many more will be left out, and all of them are noteworthy. You can easily spend an hour browsing through the web site and chuckling.

Ties and t-shirts are only a couple of the many items you can get at Lab Rat Gifts.

They also have mugs, plush toys, phone cases, magnets and many other items with science-related images and jokes.

If you need customized items for a school or company, the Lab Rat Pack allows you to personalize items with your desired name.

As I run in some geeky circles, Lab Rat Gifts will be a go-to site for me when choosing gifts for several of my friends. 

As a special thank you to our readers, Lab Rat Gifts is offering 20% off for and 15% off with free US shipping at

At check out from either site, simply use the code THANKYOU to get your discount!


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