Thursday, July 7, 2016

Review and Coupon Code: Lab Rat Gifts

It is no secret that my family is a family that happily does geek. We love the nerdy things in life and enjoy reading up on the latest scientific discoveries. I cannot wait until my kiddos are old enough to do experiments and projects (and not just the ones accidentally created in the fridge) with us.

When I heard of Lab Rat Gifts and their collection of science themed collection of apparel and housewares, I was excited to be able to share my geeky love with the world. I was lucky enough to be able to try out four shirts and two water bottles.

My four shirts were two women's cut tank tops (Heavy Metals and Heisenburg, $19.99 each) and two men's/unisex tee shirts (May the Force be with You and Heisenburg, $19.99 each), all black and all in a size large.

Let me take a moment here to key those unaware in, a women's size large is next to NEVER the same size as a men's/unisex size large. This held true for Lab Rat Gifts as well. The women's tanks were much smaller in size than the men's tee shirts. This, unfortunately, led to a stretching and ripping of the print in the chest area on the tanks that I didn't experience in the tee shirts.

So I would recommend ordering a women's tank in a size or two larger than you normally would, especially if you have any gifts in the chest department.

Other than the size differences, I quite enjoyed the tops. They are made of preshrunk cotton, so I didn't have to worry about them shrinking in the wash.

I always find it amusing when watching people try to figure out my shirt, whether it's realizing what the equation is or knowing where Lead, Iron, and Zinc are on the periodic table.  I honestly find every excuse to wear the Heavy Metals tank, even with the distorted decal, and am sad when it's in the wash.

The two water bottles I was able to try out were the Gym Rat 25oz water bottle ($19.99) and the I Love CitricAcid tumbler in teal ($19.99).

Of the two, the Citric Acid tumbler, with its structure of citric acid, gets more use, as I tend to be picky about my water, and dislike most tap water alone. It has a twist off top with a pull out infuser that fits about half a cut up orange. This bottle gets the most use around the house, where I can replenish the fruit as needed.

The Gym Rat water bottle gets its use mostly when I'm out and about and need a bottle that is secure to put in my purse or diaper bag (I'd say gym bag, but I honestly hate doing the whole public exercise thing).

While the entire top twists off for easy cleaning and filling, it also has a flip top function that secures not once, but twice, once with the button latch, but also with a wire latch. It also has a carrying loop that has plenty of room for what you want to carry it with, your finger or a carabiner.

Gym Rat also has a drinking spout, which lets you pour your water without making a gigantic mess.  I very much like this as it makes it easier to clean than some of my other bottles, as it doesn't have all the little pieces that come with having a straw.

Both bottles are handwash only, but as long as I clean them out right away, I have no problem with it.

In all, I enjoyed my goodies from LabRat Gifts, and I definitely think that anybody with some science geek in them would enjoy them also!

In addition to shirts and water bottles, Lab Rat Gifts has an impressive selection of coffee mugs, plushies, apparel and accessories, totes, and home (or cubicle) decor, and many items are customizable.

As a special thank you to our readers, Lab Rat Gifts is offering 20% off for and 15% off with free US shipping for their new site,

At check out from either site, simply use the code THANKYOU to get your discount!


  1. These are awesome!! My daughter loves wearing things like this. Her teacher had a lot of fun wearing shirts like this for her students! Great gifts and I will be looking into it, thank you!

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  4. Now these are some fun geeky products. I like that gym rat bottle. #ProductReviewParty

  5. What fun products! I'm so glad you shared them at #FridayFrivolity!

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