Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ducky "Quack Quack" Crocheted Duck Pattern

Before I share this pattern with you guys, I would like to say a few words:

This pattern was written and created by myself.

My daughter was the inspiration for it, because she loves, loves, loves duckies and I refused to give her the soaked, wet bath – sponge – ducky to snuggle with in bed.

I choose to share this pattern with our community for FREE, but there are a few things that I ask of you as the person using it:

- Do NOT sell this pattern or claim it as your own.
- Do NOT alternate the pattern.
- Feel free to share it with as many friends and family as you want, but include a link to this blog post.
- You may sell the finished product, but please mention my name as designer (Patricia Reazin) and include a link to where you found the pattern. (we'd love it if you leave us a comment here so we can enjoy your work!)

We would also appreciate if you would leave a “like” on our Facebook page and/or follow us on any of our social media sites (you can find the links in the sidebar).  Thanks!

Now that that's out of the way, I introduce you to Ducky "Quack Quack"!

Ducky “Quack Quack”

What you need:
-Yarn in two colors (plus a little scrap of black for the eyes)
-Crochet hook (I used a H hook for the yellow ones and a G ones for the blue one)
-yarn darner
-safety eyes (if wanted)
-stitch marker

Feet (x2)
This part will be worked continuously 
Magic loop with 6sc, insert stitch maker
Row 1: sc around with 2dc every 2nd st                                                                 = 9 sc total
Row 2: 3 sc around with 2sc every 3rd st                                                              = 15 sc total
Row 3: 3 sc, 3 sc in next, 4 sc, 3 sc in next, 4 sc, 3 sc in next, 1 sc                    = 21 sc total
Row 4: 4 sc, 3 sc in next, 6 sc, 3 sc in next, 6 sc, 3 sc in next, 2 sc                    = 27 sc total
Row 5: 5 sc, 3 sc in next, 8 sc, 3 sc in nect, 8 sc, 3 sc in next, 3 sc                    = 33 sc total
Row 6: 33 sc                                                                                                              = 33 sc total
Row 7: sc around, joining every 10th & 11th st together                                      = 30 sc total
Row 8: sc around, joining every 9th & 10th st together                                       = 27 sc total
Row 9:  sc around, joining every 8th & 9th st together                                         = 24 sc total
Row 10: sc around, joining every 7th & 8th together                                            = 21 sc total
Row 11: sc around, joining every 6th & 7th together                                             = 18 sc total
Row 12: sc around, joining every 5th & 6th together                                            = 15 sc total
Row 13: sc around, joining every 4th & 5th together                                            = 12 sc total
Row 14 – 25: 12 sc around, 12 rows total                                                        = 144 sc total

Stuff out, finish off (I like to crochet mine shut with a flat line of 6-8sc), leave a medium tail

Arms (wings) (x2)
This part will be worked continuously
Magic loop with 6 sc, insert stitch marker
Row 1: sc around                                                                                                   = 6 sc total
Row 2: sc around                                                                                                 = 6 sc total
Row 3: sc around, 2sc 2nd st                                                                              = 12 sc total
Row 4: sc around, 2sc every 3rd st                                                                     = 16 sc total
Row 5: sc around                                                                                                  = 16 sc total
Row 6: sc around, 2sc every 4th st                                                                       = 20 sc total
Row 7: sc around, 2sc every 5th st                                                                      = 24 sc total
Row 8 – 9: sc around (24 sc each round)                                                           = 48 sc total
Row 10: sc around, joining every 5th & 6th st together                                   = 20 sc total
Row 11 – 12: sc around (20 sc each round)                                                        = 40 sc total
Row 13: sc around, joining every 4th & 5th st together                                    = 16 sc total
Row 14 – 15: sc around (16 sc each round)                                                         = 32 sc total
Row 16: sc around, joining every 3rd & 4th st together                                     = 12 sc total
Row 17 – 24: sc around (12 sc each round)                                                       = 96 sc total

Stuff out, finish off (I like to crochet mine shut with a flat line of 6-8sc), leave a medium tail

This part will be worked continuously.
Magic loop with 4 sc, insert stitch marker
Row 1: 2sc every st                                                                                                    = 8 sc total
Row 2: sc around, 2sc every 2nd st                                                                       = 12 sc total
Row 3-4: sc around (12 sc each round)                                                                = 24 sc total
Row 5: sc around, joining every 2nd & 3rd st together                                       = 8 sc total
Row 6 – 7: sc around (8 sc each round)                                                                = 16 sc total

Stuff out, finish off (I like to crochet mine shut with a flat line of 3-4sc), leave a medium tail

Beak & Body:

This part will be worked continuously.
Start with whatever color you picked out for the beak.
Row 1: chain 11 sc                                                                                                     = 11 sc total
Row 2: skip the first front loop, 10 sc with 1 extra sc in last loop                     = 11 sc total
9 sc back on the other side, 1 extra sc in last loop,
insert stitch marker                                                                                     = 10 sc total
Row 3 – 4: sc around (21 sc each round)                                                             = 42 sc total
Row 5: sc around. joining every 6 th & 7th st together                                       = 18 sc total
Row 6 – 11: sc around (6 round with 18sc each )                                               = 108 sc total
Change color
Row 12: sc around, 2sc every 2nd st                                                                      = 27 sc total
Row 13: sc around, 2 sc in every 3rd st                                                                   = 36 sc total
Row 14 – 18: sc around (5 rounds with 36 sts each)                                          = 180 sc total
Row 19: sc around, joining every 5th & 6th st together                                     = 30 sc total
Row 20: sc around                                                                                                    = 30 sc total
Row 21: sc around, joining every 4th & 5th st together                                     = 24 sc total
Row 22: sc around                                                                                                    = 24 sc total

Sew beak shut, stitch on the eyes

Row 23:  sc around, joining every 5th & 6th st together                                    = 20 sc total
Row 24 – 25: sc around (2 rounds with 20 sc/ each )                                     = 40 sc total
Row 26: one more round of sc but insert the wings here                                  = 20 sc total
Row 27: sc around, 2 sc in every 2nd st                                                               = 30 sc total
Row 28: sc around, 2 sc in every 3rd st                                                                = 40 sc total
Row 29: sc iaround                                                                                                  = 40 sc total
Row 30: sc around, 2 sc in every 4th st                                                                = 50 sc total
Row 31 – 33: sc around (3 rounds with 50 sc/each)                                        = 150 sc total
Row 34:  sc around, 2 sc every 5th st                                                                    = 60 sc total
Row 35 – 40: sc around (6 rounds with 60 sc/ each)                                      = 360 sc total
Row 41: sc around, joining every 5th & 6th st together                                    = 50 sc total
Row 42 – 46: sc around (5 rounds with 50 sc/ each)                                       = 250 sc total
Row 47: sc around, joining every 4th & 5th st together                                    = 40 sc total
Row 48 – 49: sc around (2 rounds with 40 sc total)                                        = 80 sc total
Row 50: one more round of sc but insert the legs here                                      = 40 sc total
Row 51: sc around, joining every 3rd & 4th st together                                      = 30 sc total
Row 52: sc around, joining every 2nd & 3rd together, insert tail in this round        = 20 sc total
Row 53: sc around, joining every 2nd & 3rd st together                                    = 14 sc total
Row 54: join every 1st & 2nd together                                                                    = 7 sc total

Stuff the body and finish off.

I hope you like this pattern & please, please, please don’t forget to mention where you got it from and make sure to link it back to us so we can share many more with you guys!


  1. looking over the pattern, I noticed some things that might be confusing to others...where you have the rows listed as 6 rounds of 18 st, u list a total count of 108 stitches instead of 18 a newbie that might be confusing if they only have 18...this appears in a couple places...thought I would give u a heads up...BTW great pattern

    1. I put the total count of stitches so they can just crochet the part in one go without necessarily having to move the stitch marker every round :)
      It's a personal preference for me & that's why I tried to clarify that it's 18 stitches per round but the complete amount of the rows that I mentioned is 108 stitches.
      I hope this helps to clarify it & thank you for commenting :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. How precious is your daughter and Ducky Quack Quack in that last photo..^_^ Super cute and thank you for sharing.

  3. All of our grands are grown and ggrands have everything in the world. I like this pattern you did a good job. If I would ever use it I would definitely give the author's name. I do a lot of water coloring and acrylics and always identify where I got my pattern. Good manners.

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    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

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  18. Patricia, This is so adorable! I can see why your little one loves it. I am so impressed that you made the pattern etc. all by yourself! Really impressed. I don't crochet, but I am going to pin and share, it's so adorable! Great job.

  19. How stinking cute is that!! What a great job!! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! Pinned!!

  20. SO cute, so very cute! I pinned it.

    (Found you on the DIY party)

  21. Thank you VERY much for sharing! I am disabled and spend the better part of my time in the bed but I can can crochet while in the bed. I can't sew but I CAN crochet! And I love to make special things for children who are battling life threatening illnesses and spend much of their time in hospitals. That give my own life a sense of meaning. I'm sure that I will learn of a child who has a special love for ducks.
    Thank you for this free pattern.
    May I ask you a question about your instructions for using this pattern? It is your second instruction. DO NOT Alternate this pattern. Do you mean Do not make any alterations to the patterns?
    Do Not Alternate the Pattern would mean something along the lines of don't put the left arm on the right side and alternate the right arm for the left one. Sorry, I was an English major. And yes, my kids hated me correcting them all the time. I think that you mean you don't want anyone to make any alterations to your pattern. If they are going to use your pattern, then you want them to use it and make it look just like your pattern will make it turn out to look. Anyway. Since I first started writing this about a week ago and must have gotten interrupted, I had a great nephew be born! I might just make him a duck!

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