Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Airship Notebook

A staple in any artist's collection is a sketchbook. I used to carry one with me everywhere I went - when inspiration struck, so would my pencil! It has been well over ten years since that has been the case, though.

I have been yearning to draw, and paint more, and just like that, the opportunity to review an Airship Notebook came up!

Airship Notebooks supply artists with notebooks, sketchbooks, and other tools to help anyone achieve creativity, great for writers and artists.

The Airship sketchbook is made for mixed media art and boasts a black leather hard cover,  100 recycled blank white pages, an elastic loop for a pen or pencil, an elastic band to keep the book closed, and a black ribbon to use as a bookmark.

There is also a pocket attached to the back cover of the sketchbook. The sketchbook is 5.8"x8.3".
The gift set I got in the mail came from their store on Amazon in a nice black gift box with velvet lining included the sketchbook and a silver pen with black ink.

When I first opened The Airship Notebook I noted the pen seems of nice quality,  weighty without being heavy.

The pages of the sketch book are bright white and have a good texture, commonly referred to as 'tooth'. This is important because it prevents smudging and feels great to draw, or write on.

I sat down to draw for the first time in what felt forever.  I was actually nervous.  What if I can't draw,  or it looks bad,  or I can't think of what to draw! Don't worry,  it came to me, one page at a time.

First I drew in pencil.  This is safe and comfortable for me.  I can erase what I don't like! I wanted to feel the texture of the page while drawing,  and see if I could intentionally smudge where I  wanted,  or keep sharp where I wanted.

Mission accomplished. Roses over water complete, smudging was easy,  keeping lines sharp was as well.
The next night I decided to be bold and use the pen that came in the set. I enjoyed learning about this pen- using it straight on as usual created a solid dark line,  but angling the pen made the stroke look more like a pencil mark. 

All was smooth,  until I noticed a dark mark.  The pen had bled slightly, then again, and again.  I used this to my advantage where I wanted the drawing very dark,  but it also happened in other areas, where I definitely did not intend. As I was using this drawing as a test run of the pen I was not upset,  though I may have been if I was going for precision.

I used the pen again, but this time with water color and marker. An emotional drawing.  No sketchbook goes without at least one of these, at least none of mine
All in all, I am very happy with the Airship Notebook.  I love how professional it looks and feels. I would recommend this to any artist from professional to beginner!
Visit Airship Notebook on Facebook and Twitter for a glimpse into other artists' drawings, and tips and hints. To purchase an Airship Notebook,  go to where you can pick one up for $19.99.



  1. You are a great artist, you need to continue with it. I use to draw as well, but haven't for years. I now have time to start again, and will get back to drawing again soon. #ProductReviewParty

  2. I love your sketches and this was a great review. I am in the middle of packing and found one of my old sketchbooks - I need to get back to sketching and drawing. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Rose |