Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Review/Giveaway: The Natural Dentist Kids

As a mother of a growing four year old, I was excited to try some different options of toothpaste for my son. The toothpaste we were using was basically brought home because it had the current cartoon character he loved at the moment on it. I wasn't really thinking what it does for his teeth or breath. But something had to give - all I knew was my son was brushing his teeth 1 to 2 times a day and waking up with the most horrid breath. (Sorry, son, if you read this when you are older, but it's true.)

All The Natural Dentist products are made with safe and effective plant-based products - no harsh chemicals, artificial flavors or dyes, and no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). One variety is even flouride-free.

I was sent 3 different kinds of their toothpaste to try: Cavity Zapper Fluoride Gel Toothpaste in Groovy Grape and Berry Blast, and Plaque Zapper Fluoride-Free Groovy Grape Flavor.

Since I was given some time, I decided on a week per toothpaste to see how my son liked them and to see if that made a difference. 

Each of these has a cool feature I really like - if you or your child squeeze too much of the toothpaste, just let go and the bottle will suck the rest back in. Great way to make sure don't use too much or waste any!

The first type we tried was the Cavity Zapper Groovy Grape, this one was a fluoride gel toothpaste.

On the bottle its states: 
Helps Prevent Cavities
Strengthens Tooth Enamel
Cleans Away Plaque and Stains
Freshens Breath

For this first week of brushing, I did not let him explore and try it on his own since it does have fluoride, which should not be swallowed. After the first time, he didn't seem to care to much about the flavor and it was just another toothpaste for him to brush with.

But I did notice that if he was to drink milk or orange juice he did not complain about the after taste even if he just brushed his teeth, as he normally would have to wait an hour or two so not to have that weird taste.

Also I tried this one, and the flavor was ok - honestly, it reminded me of that purple medicine as a child your mother had to chase you to take. It even smells like it. As far as freshening our breath we definitely left all the smells that would make a ghost turn pale in the sink, so that was a check.

I will say the more we used this toothpaste the more we got used to the flavor, and our breath wasn't minty as we are used to. yet it wasn't the same old toothpaste that lasts maybe 4 hours, then you would need a mint. I also notice on day 4 we were able to see a difference in my teeth with staining from coffee so that was a huge plus for me. 

Next up, I wanted to take a break from the Groovy Grape so we tried the Cavity Zapper Berry Blast, which is also a fluoride toothpaste. I can't place the smell of this one, but boy did we LOVE THE TASTE! This one I had to keep making my son stop swallowing it, and if you have this problem for sure follow the directions and only use a pea sized amount.

For this bottle it states:
Cleans Teeth and Gums
Removes Tartar
Freshens Breath

This week was awesome - I know for a fact my son brushed his teeth 2 or more times a day, due to how much he loved the taste, and I loved the extra brushing time and even was excited to take him to the dentist after all this extra work. 

And to my pleasure, when he went, he had no cavities and no stains. Now, for a child that has a fruit roll up almost everyday this was a shocker! The dentist actually didn't even give him the sample toothpaste at the end - just told him to keep using what he is using. Now I'm sure you guys could picture the oh yeah I'm the best mom smile I had on my face. WINNING!

Here is what I noticed with the Berry Blast - he wanted to brush more, he loved the taste, so did I. And he was getting good reviews from his dentist. What more out of a toothpaste do you want?

Finally, the last one was the Plaque Zapper Fluoride-Free Groovy Grape. (During this week I kept using the Berry Blast...ssshhh don't tell my son.)

He was not too pleased with the taste again, but he did enjoy the freedom to brush around in his own mouth for once.

This bottle states:
Cleans Teeth and Gums
Safe if swallowed
Low-Foam Formula

As far as the freshening his breath, it was a little disappointing because within a few hours he would have to brush again. Maybe it's just my son, but he has passed the stage of not needing that extra kick in a toothpaste. But it did create less foam and his teeth did stay white.

This toothpaste sadly did not make it for the whole week before he started begging for the berry blast again. 

So for me and my family the Berry Blast will be a repeat buy.
I do make my son use the Fluoride-Free at night time, and the Cavity Zapper Berry Blast in the morning (and if needed afternoon), because I do want him to practice more on his own before I'm ready to trust that he won't eat the toothpaste. And that system is still seeming to work for us, so if you are a parent that wants the freedom of Fluoride-Free, I strongly recommend using that at night for practice and the Berry Blast during the day for its flavor and cavity fighting properties.

And remember you still floss every day!

The Natural Dentist Kids will be giving away a collection of sample-sized products to one of our readers in the US. This set will include some of each of their toothpastes, their Cavity Zapper Kids Mouth Rinse, and also a toothbrush.  Read on to see how to enter!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Rafflecopter, then leave the name you commented under and your email in the box in the Rafflecopter entry. (This allows us to contact you if you win!)  This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning.

This giveaway is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY
and will end just before midnight ET on 10-8-15. 

The winners will be notified by email within 24 hours after the end of the giveaway.  In order to claim the giveaway prize, the winner will need to respond within 24 hours of notification, or an alternate winner will be selected.

Once the winner(s) have responded and confirm, their first name will be posted on our Giveaways page. 

Good luck everyone!

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  1. I would love to try this toothpaste! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

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  13. Oh these look great and the kids would love cleaning their teeth with these products. Thanks for sharing with us at #anythinggoes link up and have a great week!

  14. Don't forget to enter the giveaway :) As for the Non GMO, I did not see anything on the form that is in the review about GMO's so I can not answer that correctly. As for the age range the fluoride free is safe to swallow and I have actually used this a one year old and it worked fine as for the fluoride gel toothpaste they recommend from age 2 and up, even adults. :) Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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  20. I learned their products are made with plant based natural ingriedients
    Thanks for the chance

  21. Really cool that you and your son got to work together on this post, it will help him understand a bit better what you do at the computer! And I bet he loved being able to help you! Awesome.

  22. I need these so bad . My son haves to brush but he is always chewing on thigs

  23. Wow!! That looks great!! I would like to try this out for my kids but first I would get reviews about this toothpaste from our family dentist Manhattan Beach. I always choose dental products only after his reviews!

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