Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review: Ry's Ruffery

I have a little secret, it's safe with you right?  Of course it is- this is the internet!  What better place to put one's deepest darkest confessions?

The package has a person on it, so I can have one!
I eat dog food; wait that came out wrong.  I've eaten all of my dogs' food- wait no.  I have tried every different dog food and treat I have ever given to any of my dogs.  Ah, that's better.

Now I'll admit, that some of said products should have been called "feed" (as in for livestock) instead of "food."  And the listed ingredients often included agricultural byproducts and/or mysterious chemicals that would make spelling bee champions cower in fear.

I consider my mutt-face to really be part of the family, not just a critter that the wife lets sleep in my spot.  I wouldn't feed anyone else in my family some part-waste-product-part-science-project substance, why should my dog be any exception?

Ry's Ruffery (formerly Ryan's Barkery) is a company that agrees strongly on this idea.

In fact at the top of their website there is the phrase, "Don’t Feed Your Dog What You Wouldn't Eat Yourself!"

This company began when the founder, a ten year old named Ryan Kelly, decided that his puppy simply deserved a better biscuit than what he could find at the pet store.  So he went around asking veterinarians for their input, testing flavors, and experimenting in the kitchen with his mom; and before too long, his labor of love to make his puppy happy turned into a bustling bakery.

Three flavors and a ball - somepuppy is about to be spoiled!

We received three flavors of these treats: Pumpkin-Apple, Peanut Butter and Cheddar, as well as a logo'd ball to play with. The Cheddar seems to be Gregor's favorite, and mine as well, but he is more than willing to devour each flavor. There were no losers here (except maybe Greg because now Dad is eating his snacks).

In fact, except for the fact that they are a bit more crunchy than my usual fare, I would enjoy these as a snack anyway.  How many dog treats can you say that about?

Greg taking his treat nicely. 
My dog Gregor wasn't much for treats before before Ry'st Ruffery biscuits came, but now the mere crinkling of their packaging will have them sprinting across the house to prove what a good boy he is.

He is also now much more motivated to prove that he knows his tricks when these treats are at the end.

Simply put, Ry's Ruffery makes a delightful handmade dog biscuit that your canine companion will treasure nearly as much as you will have from giving it to them.

They take orders for their treats at their website.  Each 8oz bag of freshly made biscuits costs $9.50 and they offer free shipping if you order all three flavors for $24.99 total.

Bone appetit!

Ry's Ruffery Website
Ry's Ruffery on Facebook
Ry's Ruffery on Twitter

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  1. All of these flavors sound like something our dog would enjoy!

  2. I know some dog owners that would like the opportunity to have their dogs try these treats. -craftyone

  3. Hmm. I wonder if they have any plans to make cat treats in the future?
    These seem neat nonetheless!

  4. Wasn't this company on Shark Tank? They renamed it right? I don't have a dog, but it sounds like the company really did their research on what dogs would really like!

    Thank you for linking up with Creative Style Linkup! Have a blessed weekend!

    1. It IS the company that was on Shark Tank, yes! They did a great job figuring out what dogs like and what's good for them too!

  5. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: What a great concept! Our dogs should be eating great and this 10 year old entrepreneur did something about it!

  6. All I can say is that is one lucky dog!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Warning - Don't buy any Ry's Ruffery products unless you happen to love your doggie and want to be loved in return. These wholesome treats are the best.