Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: The Crumbling Cookie

I recently had the opportunity to review The Crumbling Cookie a local gourmet cookie business run here on Fort Irwin, CA by an Army wife.  Allison Carlock currently isn’t shipping, so these are a local delicacy only. Due to our isolated location in the middle of the Mojave Desert, we don’t have many indulgences and Allison is quickly accumulating a loyal following of fans. 

As a very pregnant lady, I was excited to say the least! I know what you’re thinking - what pregnant lady doesn't love cookies?  But these are homemade and amazing, wheather you're pregnant or not!

The Crumbling Cookie currently offers 9 varieties on its menu. They include both classics with a twist and Allison’s own creations. 

In addition to regular cookies, Chocolate Chip can be ordered as a cookie cake with either vanilla or Nutella buttercream frosting! A single layer cake is $25 and a double layer is $35. Cookies are sold by the ½ dozen for $7.50 and a dozen for $15. A frequent buyers club offers loyal customers a free ½ dozen cookies after their 12th purchase of a ½ dozen. 

I was supplied with a scrumptious sampler to review. 

The packaging is simple and clean with The Crumbling Cookie Logo. 

Included in my box were the Smore’s Stuffed Chocolate Chip, Nutella White Chocolate Chip, Classic Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt Sprinkle, and The Texan. 

When I opened the box I was greeted with a dozen large cookies that smelled delicious and fresh. 

The Smore’s Stuffed Chocolate Chip 
This cookie was the first I tried. It was a monster of a cookie because it is an actual smore that is then wrapped in a chocolate chip cookie! It was amazing the graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate center came together to give this cookie an incredible finish.

The Nutella White Chocolate Chip
What can I say other than wow? This cookie is a combo of white and semi-sweet chocolate chips with Nutella. They are mind blowing and full of unique flavor.

The Classic Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt Sprinkle
A classic favorite with a twist! The classic chocolate chip with sea salt is just like that old familiar cookie from childhood, but with a dash of sea salt to give it an extra over the top boost. 

The Texan
This cookie was my personal favorite. When I took a bite out of it, so many notes came together for an explosion of flavor. It is an oatmeal cookie loaded with white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and pecans. It has a note of cinnamon that gives it a wonderful finish.

Overall, every cookie I tried from The Crumbling Cookie was marvelous. I would highly suggest all of Fort Irwin to place an order soon to experience how yummy they are!

The Crumbling Cookie on Facebook

Hey, Fort Irwin Residents!  The Crumbling Cookie has agreed to offer a Giveaway for you folks ONLY.  

Sign up to win 1 dozen assorted cookies (your choice!).  You can either pick them up or get them delivered.  This giveaway will close just before midnight on October 1st.

Don't forget - it's mandatory to comment on this thread and give us the name you used to post your comment as well as your Fort Irwin street name.  Once you enter that info into the Rafflecopter, other entry options will become available. The more ways you enter, the higher your odds of winning.

Good luck, all!

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  1. They look SSOOO tasty! Nice review!

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  7. These sound so good! Especially the Nutella White Chocolate Chip. Lucky for the locals! I'm too far away. :(

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