Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Click & Carry

I happen to be male, at least last I checked, and as such I occasionally fall into a "male" stereotype. In this case that is a good thing, because I tend to go for the "knight in shining armor" approach... but we are low on dragons to slay (...grumble grumble, protected species, grumble grumble...) so I deal with more mundane ways to save my lady fair; like dealing with spiders, things on the top shelf, putting furniture together, and pickle jars.

Her most dreaded chore, however, is groceries, especially hauling them inside.  And every time this task falls to me, I take it upon myself to carry at least eight bulging shopping bags per hand.  Because somehow making two or more trips from the car to the house is a travesty against mankind!  Any pain or funny lines that may form on my hands, and seem to last forever, were thought to be the necessary sacrifice.  Boy, was I wrong.

Allow me to introduce the Click & Carry - the tool of my grocery hauling dreams.  The idea for this nifty device actually came to its creator, Kim, in a dream.

It measures in at 5.25″ x 1.37″ x 1.96″ and 65 grams and holds up to 50lbs.  That translates roughly to fits nicely in my hand, weighs less than half a banana, and holds more than I can comfortably carry in one hand (or about 131 bananas).

To use just grab the base and spin the center section so you can hang all your shopping bags from the hooks on both sides, then spin the center section back in place with a satisfying click and you're all set.  It can be used in hand or over the shoulder, and has a padded gel grip to keep it comfy.

I really like the Click & Carry. It's simple to use and exceeded my expectations. When I first saw the product and held it in hand, I thought it felt flimsy and almost expected it to break.  In an attempt at self-fulfilling prophesy I clicked it open and shut hundreds of times.

Also, when I wasn't using it, my three year old boy decided to play with it, because it's made of shiny brightly colored plastic and therefore must be a toy of his.  After weeks of this toddler torture, it is unharmed.  It even still has its high gloss shine.  The only sign of use I can see on it, is that it opens a little easier than it used to, which the missus actually likes, and a small scratch which I almost didn't notice (thanks little guy).

It felt good and comfy in my hand for small loads, and for the big loads I'd put it on my shoulder and get all 40lbs of groceries in one trip.

Let me tell you, after tossing it on my shoulder just once, I was sold forever on the Click & Carry. The gel grip made it surprisingly comfortable on my shoulder and my hands were free.  And most importantly, I will never need to know the feeling of my fingers being nearly severed by plastic bags again!

 All in all I'm very happy with the Click & Carry. It saves my hands, and it's built to last.  Its small size makes it really easy to keep on hand in the car for unexpected shopping trips.

The Click & Carry is available on their website in four colors; blue, green, purple, and grey for $9.99 each.

I strongly recommend the Click & Carry for anyone who is sick and tired of having their hands mangled by shopping bags. I know I was.

Click & Carry Website
Click & Carry on Facebook

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  1. This sounds like a great little gadget!

  2. Fun read. Sorry about the dragon slaying issue. That aside, the Click and Carry sounds awesome iI'mm impressed by the gel handle. Sounds comfy!

  3. I am considering getting a second, so I can get everything in one trip every time, even when we get a huge load of groceries. But then, alas, I would HAVE to get everything in one trip every time.

  4. Great little tool! I think I need one!
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  5. I need one of those!!! brilliant little gadget. Hugs

  6. This thing is pretty awesome, my husband needs this badly!!

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  7. wow, this really is super! I always load up my arms clear to my shoulders and carry in about 4 bags on each arm as well. Going to have to see about getting one. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  8. This looks and sounds like a great invention. My hands hurt after a while when trying to carry multiple bags.

  9. What a unique gadget! Seems durable


  11. I like this idea and sad I'd never heard of it before now. could use it because I like to haul my grocery bags in one trip. -craftyone