Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review & Giveaway: SQULZ

“Wear. Tear. Share.” That is the motto, and instructions, from SQULZ (pronounced Skulls), a innovative fashion statement made for both boys and girls, young and old.

At SQULZ you will find a number of carriers for their adorable one-of-a-kind patches. The have various wristbands, hair-ties, and a bead necklace, all available in different colors to accommodate any wearer.

I first learned of SQULZ while watching the Bethenny Frankel show, Bethenny. SQULZ was featured on a segment called "Bethenny in your business" where they were given advice on marketing, next steps, as well as told that their name was a bit complicated. (I have to agree!)
I spend some time talking to Leslie, a representative in their company, to determine what I would be receiving to review.

Knowing that the product would be more for my 5 year old daughter than myself, I sat Hailey down to browse their online shop. She quickly declared her wristband needed to be pink, go figure! Then she helped pick out about five different patches she would like to wear on hers.

When the package arrived a week later, it was filled with goodies!

There was three wristbands total - two Velcro ones and a neoprene one. along with a ball chain necklace (which I admittedly did not understand at first), 14 exciting patches, PLUS a bag of letter and number patches.

Some of the patches came in single sets of the same patch, sets of three different patches, and one had two of the same patch.

After examining I found each patch had ‘hook’ side Velcro to stick to the wristbands. Except one. The pack that had two of the same had different backings. This made one of them not able to stick to anything. After a good ten minutes of so scouring their site, I found mention of these along with the ball chain but no actually instruction. I even messaged Leslie for instruction. Shortly after sending, I fiddled with it long enough to figure out. The two sides get sandwiched together over the ballchain, creating a charm. It’s very smart, but I wish the packaging came with more insight for it.

The first thing we did was put on the wristbands. She wanted the two Velcro, while I happily took the much more comfortable neoprene band. We each grabbed which patches we wanted, alternating choosing one at a time, back and forth. Hailey was most excited to see if the letter pack had enough to spell both “Hailey” and “Mom” and proceeded to put them on each of our bracelets. She also loved that she could add a “5” since she just turned 5 years old.

When we were done, she proudly wore her creations for hours, periodically coming to me and saying versions of “I’ll give you my headphones if you give me your American Flag!” The trading aspect really enticed her.  These would obviously be a lot of fun to trade among friends.

However, after a few hours she said she didn’t want to wear them anymore because of how itchy they were. I offered to trade her the neoprene for her Velcro. I only lasted about a half hour with the velcro myself. They really weren’t very comfortable, unfortunately. I don’t think many young children would care too much though!  I think a smooth ribbon of some sort worn beneath the velcro would ease the itchiness considerably.

Hailey expressed interest in buying sets for all of her friends on their birthdays so that they would all have patches to trade back and forth. I could see this catching on and being a big trend!

Although we received primarily girly patches, you can find many masculine options for the boy wanting to join in on the fun! There are patches for various sports, technology interests, etc. We both really wished there was a little more to choose from though. We would have loved to have seen animals especially!

Furthermore, these aren't strictly for your wrist. Aside from the fact that they make hair-ties, any of these can be strapped to your bookbag, lunchbox, luggage, doorknob or anything else you can think of!

I can’t wait to keep collecting more for my daughter and watching what combinations she comes up with.

SQULZ items are inexpensive - individual patches cost $2.75 each, while packs of patches are $6.95 for three.  Wrist bands range from $1.95 for a velcro band (or $2.95 for a pair) to $6.95 for the wider neoprene band. Ballchain necklaces are $9.95 and come with one reversible charm, with more purchasable for $4.95 each.

Squlz Blog:

SQULZ is offering one of our lucky winners a starter pack of their own! The winner will receive the items shown: 2 2-packs of velcro wristbands (yellow/black and turquoise/white) and 2 3-packs of patches as shown, valued at $19.80 total.  This giveaway is open world wide!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Rafflecopter, then leave the name you commented under and your email in the box in the Rafflecopter entry. (This lets us contact you if you win!)  This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning.

Good luck, everyone!

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  1. I like the hair ties best! I particularly like the hippy-style flower patches.

  2. I like that there are a lot of patches that my boys would love. They would like making their own wristbands.

  3. Too cute. Something my elementary aged boys would wear. I like Ball Chain Necklace Additional Charm Control SQ Black. They are into gaming for sure.

  4. I like the heart shaped strawberry one, it is so cute.

  5. My little guy would love the sports patches or the camping patches. Very clever company!

  6. I item my girls would like the best would be the Ball Chain Necklace - Purple . They love to look cook when they are wearing their bracelets and necklaces too.

  7. I like the alien ghost patch in blue!

  8. My daughter would love the pink ball chain necklace!!

  9. I think my daughter would like the alien ghost patch.

  10. Very cute product! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  11. I like the 3-POP1 patches.

  12. the flower patches are really cute

  13. My favorite item is the LOGO SKULL RED

  14. My favorite item is the Ball Chain Necklace in purple!

  15. My favorite items are the skulls and gamers patches....too cool.

  16. I really love the USA flag patch!
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N