Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Bon Affair wine spritzers

Note to readers: this post discusses alcohol and is for those 21 and over.
Can I just start out by saying how blown away I am by Bon Affair Wine Spritzers

My first impression when I heard about Bon Affair was excitement. I couldn't wait to try a low calorie, no sugar added,  electrolyte enhanced wine spritzer. Bon Affair has both a Sauvignon Blanc wine spritzer, and a Syrah wine spritzer. Taste test date set!

Bon Affair is made for women like me: busy! Between managing full time at a major retailer, being a makeup artist in the midst of wedding season, being an Herbalife health coach, and keeping an active lifestyle,  I don't have time for an alcoholic beverage to slow me down! The added electrolytes help with hydration,  and hydration helps with energy level. Yup. 

While waiting for my Bon Affair package to arrive,  I researched. Everything.  Their website is awesome, super fun. 

The 'Who we are' section is my favorite. I felt a more personal connection with the founder Jayla Siciliano after watching the YouTube link to her presentation on Shark Tank, then the YouTube videos Bon Affair produced. knowing more about Jayla and her story made me want to drink her spritzers more.

In the 'what it is' section of the Bon Affair site, I enjoyed the description for the Sauvignon Blanc spritzer:

AttributesCalifornia Sauvignon Blanc Wine
Purified Sparkling Water
Grape Seed Extract
6.5% Alc. by Vol
Zero sugar. Zero, zip, nada.
Essence of unicorn soul*
Half the calories of regular wine (62 cal per 5oz)
Crisp taste, think Champagne or Prosecco
(* Note: We're lying about the unicorn.)

A sense of humor. Excitement keeps building. Then I see this:

Must.  Get.  Bon Affair.

My package arrived,  and even opening the box was an event unto itself. Beautiful packaging, very well thought out. One of those 'do I keep this box, cuz is so pretty' moments.  (I can't be the only one who does that,  right?)

After making a lean, protein packed meal,  I opened one of my bottles of Bon Affair, a sauvignon blanc wine spritzers. I was thrilled to see the nutritional value on the back of the bottle. Then dumbfounded. Only 70 calories for the whole bottle!  Whaaa!? Yes!!

I do have to admit,  when it comes to wine, I'm a red gal.  When I saw both bottles were white wine spritzers I was a bit disappointed.  That didn't stop me from trying it. Don't worry.

Champagne.  It tastes like Champagne.  My dinner became a celebration, because why not. I was impressed by the fact it was so light and refreshing.  Not too sweet.

I'm not a big drinker, and I enjoy many bold flavors, I often feel less is more. Like, vanilla bean ice cream without all the possible toppings, or chicken with just lime juice. I really enjoyed the bright clean taste of the sauvignon Blanc spritzer.

For not liking white wines in general, I found I enjoyed the second glass as much as the first. I know I will enjoy the second bottle now, too. 

I have to admire the selling strategy of packaging two of the same bottles together. Now I have to buy the syrah wine spritzer.  Good thinking Bon Affair, your sales tactic has worked.  I will buy the syrah next!

For anyone who knows me,  they know I am very fiscally responsible.  Now, I'll be buying booze from the Internet. Fiscally responsible, uh huh, out the window!

Bon Affair is an all natural wine spritzer,  which gets all their grapes from California.  As a California girl myself I have no choice but to approve. You can purchase Bon Affair in a few Whole Foods in southern California, (sad gave is not here in Nor Cal yet!) and on the good old interwebs.

The alcohol content is 6.5%, a little more than beer, but less than wine,  which would be why I didn't get too drunk (my husband thanks you). I also noted I had no hangover the next day. Busy life, you may continue as planned.

Bon Affair Sauvignon Blanc wine spritzers are available in a two bottle set for $39.95, or $89.95 for six bottles, shipping included.  Syrah spritzers are $15.99 for a single bottle or $191.88 for a 12-bottle case.  Or you can save 20% by joining their Member's Club - you'll receive 6 bottles every other month for $72.00, shipping included, and you can select from all white, all red or a mix of 3 bottles of each.

I know you were waiting for my approval, and direction.  So here it is. Check out Bon Affair.  And tell them I said hi while you're at it!

You can learn more about Bon Affair on these sites:


  1. This sounds perfect - I find even half a glass of wine is a bit much, so a delish spritzer like this would be a way to have enough that you can really enjoy it!!!

  2. Great review, Jennifer! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  3. Sound like you enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links last Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)