Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: Two Words Period

Two Words Period. It doesn't get much simpler than that. A minimalistic approach at breaking the ice in a conversation or inserting humor into a situation. Richard Reutter founded Two Words Period in early 2013 with the following mission statement:

Two Words Period was created with the idea that humor can make an impact and have purpose through creativity rather than crudeness. Although prop humor may seem a thing of the past, quickly sliding a card across the table to someone with the brief and specific message seems to instantly gain the attention and often laughter of the recipient regardless of age. The idea was to create something that was simple in concept but heavy in impact.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of receiving a packet of cards from Richard. In it were a selection of high quality cards with simple sayings that could be used in a myriad of situations. I was excited to put them to use!

The first card I chose to implement said simply,


I had recently bought an eclectic gift for a friend that was an unusual combination of pop culture references. It was the perfect embodiment of the strange and twisted humor this person has.

I placed the card in with the gift because in terms of finding the perfect gift, I felt I'd "nailed it!"

The next card I used said


I placed it in with our tip at dinner one night after a particularly pleasant server had attended us.

A couple of the cards I felt were good reminders to keep throughout the day. I placed one on my fridge that said,


... to remind me that its important to enjoy the sweet things in life.

Another said,


I have that one pinned up on my vanity mirror. I need to constantly remind myself of this as I tend to over think.

There are several other cards in the packet that I am looking forward to having the opportunity to use. My favorite in the whole pack said, "NICE PARKING." I thought for sure that would be the first one I'd use. There are so many people who seem to think that the lines in a parking lot are merely a suggestion. I just knew there would be someone taking up 3 spots just asking for me to leave this card! Sadly, I've not had the chance to use it yet. People seem to have good parking karma at that moment.

The variety pack that I received can be purchased on their website for $10.95. There were a dozen cards in my variety pack. Apart from the ones previously mentioned, I also have



(probably my next favorite after Nice Parking) 




My cards came in a handy envelope that keeps them protected. I keep it in my purse so I have them at the ready when opportunity strikes.

There are several other cards available as well as tee shirts. Eventually Richard hopes to add a customize option so you can create your own Two Words. If that were an option right now, I would order cards that say, "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL." or "HEY HANDSOME." I think leaving that card where it might come as a surprise to someone would be a great ice breaker.

Please make sure to enter our Giveaway for a variety packet of cards from Two Words Period! This contest is open to US only.

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Two Words Period Website.
Two Words Period on Facebook.

I received no monetary compensation for this review, however I was provided with the product for free for purposes of review.  All opinions are my own. Click here see our full disclosure policy.

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  1. These are so silly, I could see having a ton of fun with them!

  2. I like the nice ones - Thank You and Just Relax. Maybe "You're Blessed" or "Great Job!"

  3. I really enjoy the follow me one. I think it would be great for business to just have your twitter handle on the other side.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I like the "Nailed It" ~ we have a few graduations coming up...

  6. Nice parking.
    I've seen too many people who park taking up many spots.

  7. I'd say: You're wonderful.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. These sound fun! I LOVE cards, stationary, paper, etc.... These are very silly and fun!

  9. You can express a lot of meaning with 2 words. I would choose Good Job! as my 2 words.

    1. Very Good. Remember it would have to be 'Good job.'
      You may like our 'Good One.' card. Check it out at

  10. Nice parking. Thats my favorite one, I would order a bunch of those, and when I go to PR I will definitely run out in 5 minutes lol.

    1. So True. It's great if you are able to see the recipients reaction too!

  11. I love nobody cares. I would use that quite frequently.

  12. I really like the follow me cards :)

  13. All of these are great ideas! Head on over to to stock up!
    I have been using 'Cool Story.' quite a bit lately and it has been lots of fun!