Meet Paul

Hey everyone!  I’m Paul and I’m a writer and reviewer for RCH, as well as a friend of Jackie and Danny.

I’m a native of California, but since then I’ve lived in Oregon, Washington, Florida, Alabama, England, and now Germany.

I work in Network Administration, so my job kind of takes me everywhere!

In my personal life, I enjoy social dancing including traditional swing dancing, blues, and a little bit of ballroom.

In that line, my wife and I founded Saturday Swing Outs as a non-profit swing dancing venue, and I also shot dance photos for posting as Phizzy Photography.

One of my main hobbies now is travel, so I’ll be posting reviews and basic tips for some of the destinations I’ve been to here, too.

So far I’ve managed to visit 20 countries and can’t wait to expand that portfolio!

In between travelling and dancing, I enjoy reading, video gaming, playing with my two dogs (James and Kevin), hiking, and watching cooking and travel shows with my wife.

I’m also a well-studied Catholic and enjoy doing research into various religions.  Pretty soon I’m going to start taking classes in Krav Maga, so I’ll let you guys know if I come home with any black eyes.  

I’m keeping it short for now, since I’ll talk about a lot of my other passions in my reviews and posts (good coffee, for example!), but I hope to share some great stuff with you guys here on RCH!

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