Sunday, January 6, 2019

WIPocolypse 2019 Kick-Off!

This is the first 2019 WIPocolypse post to track my progress on cross stitch  Works-in-Progress (WIPs).  WIPocolypse is an ongoing monthly link up, as well as a Facebook community, and is open for all sorts of crafty WIPs.

Each month, there is a question. This is the Kick-Off question:

Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

I'm Lynda and have been stitching since 1985.  My first project was a small kit (a teddy bear on a rocking horse) that  my best friend gave me when I was very pregnant and restless.  It was on 18ct Aida and included quarter stitches (what madness was that, kit maker??), but by the time I got through it, I was hooked.

As of right now, my plans for 2019 are to get  through as many of my carried over WIPs as possible, and to get  as far along as I can on my very first Mirabilia pattern.  I expect there will be a few new starts along the way, but for the most part I am setting a self imposed rule that there will be no new start until a WIP has been finished.  If I do well at this until May, I may go nuts on new starts for Stitch Maynia (another Facebook community for stitchers, that takes its name from an annual bit of insanity involving starting a new project a day for the month).

My other goal is to deal with my growing stack of finished projects and get them into frames or made into ornaments or whatever.

Finally, I really want to keep up with these monthly WIPocalypse updates, as well as posting to relevant Stitch Maynia SAL threads in Facebook.

Below is the format I plan to use for these monthly updates.  I am only sharing photos for projects I've worked on since the last update (or in this case, since the beginning of the year)

Finished this year/since last check in:

This tracks the temperature highs for each day in the Falls Church/Fairfax area of Virginia (we moved from one town to the other in 2018).  Every 5 degrees has its own color and each little 5x5 square area represents one day. The four outer borders represent the last four days of the year, so I'm really happy I managed to finish it on schedule!

She is Fierce / Stitchrovia (finished 1/7/19)
I did some color switch ups to make this a bit less pink, but I just finished it today (only 7 months later than planned).  This will be going to my four year old granddaughter, Penny, who is both little and fierce!

New Starts This Month:

Hocus Pocus / The Prairie Schooler (started 1/1)
I needed to start SOMETHING on the 1st of January and grabbed this more or less at random out of my bag future starts.  I'd planned to start the Mirabilia (below) but didn't get it basted onto the stretcher bars in time.

Mermaid of Atlantis / Mirabilia (started 1/2)
My order for the threads and beads and things for this is due to arrive today from, but I didn't want to wait - I had most of the needed colors for the seashell at the top center, so I began there.  This is the first project for my Mark II frame (Christmas present!!), and I can't wait to fully dive in.  The fabric is 28ct Monaco from Mystic Fabrics and is "Pumpkin Vines".

2019 Temperature SAL / Apricot Polkadot (started 1/6)
This is a different designer from last year's, but it fits the same space (5x5 squares spiraled around from the center over the course of the year).  I'm using the same colors for temperature ranges, but this year I am going to track Fairfax, VA LOWs.  I work on this once a week on Sundays, so this is current January 5.

Planned New Start before next check in:
Bouquet de Fleurs / Jardin Prive (planned start 1/19)

Worked on so far this year/since last check in:
2018 Temperature SAL
She is Fierce
Hocus Pocus
Mermaid of Atlantis
2019 Temperature
Leia Hope

Leia Hope / Stitchbucket

My current full WIP list (22):
2019 Temperature SAL / Apricot Polkadot (started 1/6)
7 Swans a Swimming / Satsuma Street
All My Scattering Moments / Stitcherhood
Alphabet Acorn / Cross-Eyed Cricket
Astrology / Peacock & Fig
Bride's Tree Orn - Home / Brooke's Books
Coffee Quaker / Heartstring Samplery
Hocus Pocus / Prairie Schooler (started 1/1)
If the Broom Fits / Lizzie*Kate
Leia Hope / Stitchbucket
M is For Mermaid / Prairie Schooler
Mermaid Fraktur / Plum Street Samplers
Mermaid of Atlantis / Mirabilia (started 1/2)
Mermaid Tales SAL / Peacock & Fig
Polly Wolly Doodle / La-D-Da
Pretty Little DC / Satsuma Street
Primitive Ouija Board / Cloud Factory
Splattered Paint Paw Print / Climbing Goat Designs
Springtime SAL (Warm) / Satsuma Street
Summer Ornament / Prairie Schooler
TARDIS Biscornu / Cloud Factory
Yellow Submarine / Blackbird Designs

Purchased Stash this Year So Far:
Mystic Fabric of the Month (Monthly Subscription): 28ct Monoco "Opal"
Bouquet de Fleurs / Jardin Prive
Threads/beads/etc for Bouquet de Fleurs and Mermaid of Atlantis

Intend to finish before next WIPocolypse Check In:
Splattered Paint Paw Print / Climbing Goat Designs
If the Broom Fits / Lizzie*Kate

Next check in: Jan 27
Next Topic: What SALs are you participating in this year?

See you then!

PS - it's also TUSAL time (the Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long) - every New Moon, we share our ort jar, where we collect our little snippets of thread.  There's a little bit in there but far more interesting is Sasha who is wondering why I just offered her a snack dish of threads.  Foolish human.


  1. Some great projects in the list, both finished and up and coming! :)

  2. Great projects and I love the owl. Thanks for sharing

  3. Happy New Year, Lynda! What wonderful projects! I especially like your samplers, they are gorgeous! I'm very fond of the quote from Shakespeare and I love the colours you have used in that one. 
Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Hope to see you again this week. Have a great week ahead!

  4. These are good goals to deal with finished projects and finish the unfinished ones. I recently participated in a conversation with some other bloggers about what to do with all those projects. The struggle is real. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

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