Monday, November 12, 2018

Review: Luvsy Blankets

How many kids do you know that have one of those blankies that just won't leave their side for years? I know that all three of my kids have had them. Theirs are soft and satin(y) on one side and minky fleece on the other side. I really wish that they had adult sized ones of them, not that I would carry it around like they do (or would I?)

So, there's a fun company that was featured on Shark Tank awhile ago called Luvsy that has come up with the cutest little blankets and sleep sacks for little girls that I have ever seen! They are so soft, double sided with a design on each side and the inside is so cozy, you could easily curl up and take a nap.

The Princess blankets come in designs geared towards the pretty little princess in your life.

One in Lively Yellow (like Belle from Beauty and the Beast), Perfect Pink (which reminds me of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty), Rainbow (which is well, a rainbow dress) and Brilliant Blue (but of course, like Cinderella or even Elsa from Frozen).

They also have a Unicorn sleep sack!

I was given the Unicorn sleep sack to review and unless you live under a rock, you know how popular Unicorns are right now!

My 5 year old daughter almost had a panic attack when I pulled it out and showed her. She screamed and begged me to let her sleep with it right away. I gave in of course and she carried that thing around everywhere.

On one side of the blanket, there is a happy open eyed Unicorn. On the other side is a closed eyed sleepy Unicorn that we obviously used at bed time.

This review took me a while because, well, I could not tear this thing away from my daughters. They would constantly fight over it and I had to designate days that one could sleep with it and the next to the other sister.

Between the two of them fighting and sleeping with it, I had to wash it (twice). This blanket held up so amazing in the wash. I did not machine dry it, but hung it on the clothesline.

I am not sure how it would hold up in a dryer because there are sequins scattered over the blanket where the Unicorns hair (mane?) is.  It would probably be fine - I just haven't tried it.

Either way, the clothesline worked fine for us and there is no sequin out of place after weeks of constant love.

I cannot even tell you how much I recommend this product for the little girls in your life. Be it your daughter, niece, or granddaughter, you will be the BEST!

The Unicorn sleep sack costs a mere $34.99 and a really cool thing that they do is size it by age. 3-9 years old get one size, while ages 10+ get a bigger size.

The Princess blankets cost you $29.99.  Shipping is free for orders of $50, so get two!

Luvsy also regularly gives away blankets to specific shelters and hospitals around the country, and you can read up on who they're currently sponsoring on their Giving Back page.

According to their FAQ, they can also work with schools and organizations to provide products for fundraisers.

I am so impressed with the quality and designs on this product. I would definitely tell all my friends and family with little girls that they should check this company out!!


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