Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Review: Cave Tools BBQ Grill Pan

Well here I am, back at it again with another Cave Tools grilling tool.

This time around, I have been given the Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Pan for review. This grill pan costs $17.99 on their website and $21.99 on Amazon, and is a two part pan: one side has drainage slots to cook meat (chicken, hamburgers, bacon), while the other side is a flat griddle side.

It shows on the packaging that this is suitable for eggs and bacon to be cooked over the grill. There are also illustrated examples of using this to grill chicken and vegetables at one time, or shrimp and mussels, or steaks on the grill side and salmon on the griddle side using a plank, making this a versatile grilling accessory.

I was very curious how one could make bacon and eggs on ONE pan ON the barbecue (how great would that be while camping??), so I tried it.

I started by warming up the grill and placing my Cave Tools BBQ Grill Pan on the heat, letting it sit for a little bit to get nice and hot before I added my bacon and eggs to it. 

I started with the bacon because, as we all know, bacon takes longer than an egg to cook!

I started with just 5 pieces - that is about all the room it has in the slotted section.

As my bacon was cooking, I noticed that it was cooking very inconsistently! Some parts were burning, some parts were still raw.

I am not sure why the pan was conducting heat so unevenly, but for me, the bacon was a complete fail.

I had to pull it off before I had a huge smoke cloud coming from my barbecue.

Burnt bacon is like a sin and I couldn't have that in my barbecue!

Lets move on to the eggs portion of this.

The griddle side was also cooking very unevenly. The outer part of the egg was cooking while the inner portion would not cook at all. I have to say that I left them on the pan for a good 10 minutes before I even attempted to flip them, which is really odd for fried eggs.

The outer whites appeared to be cooked so I tried flipping them. But no, even after 10 minutes, they were not cooked enough. I flipped and they just fell apart.

I want to stress - I am an experienced egg flipper, and no, it wasn't an error where the yolk broke.

The eggs simply just fell apart.

Neither side of the pan conducted heat evenly enough to do this job - and I'm glad I didn't ruin a good steak experimenting with it. 

Also, while you certainly want to make sure eggs don't dribble over into the grill openings, having it pull up into the corner of the pan would have made very unattractive fried eggs even if they cooked right.

If the uneven heat weren't an issue, I'd suggest egg rings for those to avoid that outcome.

My conclusion is that this pan does not work for me - however, it may work for someone who uses a charcoal grill over direct fire. 

We use a gas grill and have never had any issues getting it to a good temperature that evenly conducts the heat, but perhaps this is a situation where gas heat doesn't allow the pan to become as evenly hot as needed to handle a job like bacon and eggs.

I would have loved for this product to have worked for me, because one of my biggest pet peeves is having to clean pots and pans while I am camping! I just hate it! I would much rather be able to cook my full breakfast on one pan.. But this time around, I was disappointed.

As ever, Cave Tools is offering 15% off this products to our readers. Use Promo Code GRILLPAN15 at checkout on their website.


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