Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Stars My Destination: Blind Date with a Book (GIVEAWAY)

I took a Blind Date with a Book a while back, a book service that is pretty unique in the way they deliver their product. On the front page of their website you'll see books wrapped in brown paper with nothing more than a few words to describe them. You don't know the title or the author. You don't get to peek at the cover art. The only thing you get is a few words. Quite literally this is a blind date with a book.

I love to read but I have a seriously hard time finding books that keep my attention. I find that even if the subject matter is up my alley, I often times have trouble staying interested because of the way the book is written.

It's nothing against any specific authors. I am just very likely to drop the book after a few chapters if I don't like the way its written.

For example, in the famous Lord of the Rings series Tolkien has a tendency to go so in depth with the description of the scene that I find myself falling asleep before the action picks up in the chapter.

That being said I have read the entire series, including The Hobbit.  So I think it's safe to say I prefer books where the action is steady enough to keep me interested.

After being disappointed by so many books that I spent my hard earned money on, I kind of gave up on being a reader.

That was my situation when Blind Date with a Book helped me out. They offer tons of books but you have no idea what they are. You pick them solely on the few words they use to describe them.

I have to admit, I had quite a bit of anxiety picking my book. Luckily their selection isn't too large and they are constantly rotating titles.

The last time RCHReview looked at Blind Date with a Book, we gave the concept and the words describing the book that was chosen, but were careful to not disclose the book.

This time we chose to take an opposite path. Lets take a look at the book I received but we won't spoil which book it was, so that you can explore what they offer without losing the suspense of selecting your own Blind Date with a Book.

After some careful consideration I chose the book I thought sounded best to me based on my interests.

That book turned out to be The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester - a futuristic sci-fi novel written in 1956, about an average man who was wronged and left to die and his search for revenge among the stars.

Gully Foyle, uneducated, great at nothing with no real desire to be better than he already is, is a crew member aboard a star ship called The Nomad. The ship is attacked and the entire crew is killed except for Foyle.

He spends months scavenging the wreckage floating in space collecting what leftover food and supplies he can, find until one day another ship happens upon him. Foyle sets off the beacons in an attempt to signal the passing ship and be rescued. The ship examines the wreckage then turns away and leaves.

Foyle notices the name stamped on the side of the ship "Vorga". Knowing that there is no way they didn't see the distress beacon he becomes enraged and filled with the desire for a swift and brutal revenge.

Foyle eventually makes a crash landing on a populated asteroid, after rigging the ships engines to fire for a short period.

When he comes to, he finds that his face has been hideously tattooed, an ancient and primitive way of marking the body.

The men and women of the asteroid colony have indoctrinated him into their society and even assigned him a wife.

But Gully's hatred fueled desire for revenge is too much. He finds his way off the asteroid and embarks on a journey to find the pilot of the Vorga, find out why he was left to die, and make them pay.

Gully learns the art of "jaunting", a means of teleportation that is done using nothing more than the human brain, and continues his hunt, eventually finding himself in prison. The burning desire in his soul for revenge drives him to team up with a woman in the prison and attempt to escape.

Will Gully Foyle escape the prison and find the Vorga? Why did they leave him to die? Will he exact his revenge?

Well, there's only really one way to find out. Read the book!

I have to say that even as nervous as I was regarding choosing a book this way, it worked beautifully for me. This quickly became one of my favorite books and I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in the Sci-fi genre.

I was so pleased with the way that my choice worked out that I plan to try out other books from Blind Date with a Book in the not-so-distant future.

Have you read The Stars My Destination? Let me know what you thought of the book (without giving too much away, of course).

If you are interested in checking out Blind Date with Book for yourself you can find them at the links below.

And keep reading - we are hosting a second Giveaway! Two of our readers worldwide will win a Blind Date with a Book of their own!

Two winner will each receive a Blind Date book of their choice from among those available online at the end of the giveaway.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Giveaway Tools Entry Form below. This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning. (If you don't leave a comment, any additional entries will be void.)

This giveaway is open WORLD-WIDE and will end just before midnight ET on 12/28. 

The winner will be notified by email 24 to 48 hours after the end of the giveaway by email. In order to claim the giveaway prize, the winner will need to respond within 24 hours of notification, or an alternate winner will be selected.

Good luck!


  1. Our library does this periodically with books that don't get checked out quite as much as others. I have found some really great reads this way. It's hard to not judge a book by it's cover.

  2. There are several of their current selections that intrigue me - both "Needle & Thread" and "Warm & Wise" look like good winter reading picks.

  3. Hadrians Wall jumped right out at me.I ma fascinated by Roman Britain.

  4. The types of books I enjoy the most are thrillers and mysteries.

  5. I love this concept, and I see what you are saying about Tolkien.I read the whole Ring Trilogy and the Hobbit out loud with my youngest son, and then he proceeded to read through he whole series on his own. He's getting a boxed set of Tolkien's lesser known books for Christmas this year, so I guess it takes all kinds of readers . . .

  6. I would choose ‘US’ and I like contemporary romance usually.

  7. I might choose "Spoof Fairy Tale." It's so hard to tell!

  8. I might try precognition. I love sf and The Stars My Destination is probably my favorite book.

  9. I heard of a program like this when you don't know what the book is until you purchase. I love this concept because it gives books a chance to be read.


  10. I would pick "Stay out of her room". I love horror fiction.

  11. I LOVE this concept! I think I'd go for things like Spoof Fairy Tale, Stay Out of Her Room, and Precognition.

  12. any of the book i love all and any kind

  13. I would usually enjoy themes listed for DARK THRILLER, CARNIVALESQUE, and MARS.

  14. I love thrillers. I would choose Amnesia.

  15. I would choose Spoof fairy tale, and I usually read paranormal and historical romances.

  16. I would pick all the feels! I usually read adventurous books!

  17. Warm and Rise looks like something I would enjoy. I typically like romance books.

  18. Baker's Delight would be be my choice. I love historical romances.
    Sherri J

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Escapist Romance sounds like fun to me. I love the mention of a castle and antiques! I love historical fiction, romance, and mysteries.

  21. I would choose bakers delight. I really love suspense thriller and romance novels.

  22. Thrillers and mysterious, thank you

  23. I would probably choose "Dark Thriller", sounds amazing!
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  24. I enjoy thrillers and mystery books.

  25. Spoof Fairy Tale.
    I like historical or humorous books.

  26. That's a different and fun concept--I should try that one of these days! Thanks for sharing at Party in Your Pjs.

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